How to organize warm meals for a baby on the road, traveling and walking


Preparing for future childbirth and motherhood is a sensitive, touching and very pleasant stage in a woman’s life, which requires special attention and an individual approach. The purchase of a stroller, crib, cradle, the choice of suitable bottles, undershirts, diapers, repairs in the nursery and other worries are placed on the shoulders of fragile mothers who are concerned about the future of their child.

The world does not stand still. And together with him we try to keep pace, so as not to miss interesting new products and monitor the emergence of modern devices that make people’s lives much easier. The category of goods for expectant mothers and babies is also undergoing significant changes. It is replenished annually with very useful inventions, over time, without which mothers simply cannot imagine their lives.

Electronic swings, radio and video nannies, musical toys, crib mobiles, interactive educational mats have become true friends of mothers who strive to create favorable and safe conditions for a newborn baby.

Newborn nutrition and breastfeeding is an exciting process that combines a lot of strict rules and requirements that apply to both mothers and baby food. But women’s high levels of anxiety and concern about the health and well-being of their babies often cause breastfeeding to take a back seat or be eliminated altogether. There are many reasons that can serve this, however, there is only one way out — dry formula for baby food.

As soon as a woman stops breastfeeding, her life begins not the best period. For example, what if the baby woke up in the middle of the night to have a snack, and there is no hot water at hand to quickly bring the milk formula? The child is crying, and the mother is pretty nervous. Often such situations happen on the road or travel, and there is no liquid at hand with the right temperature for preparing baby food.

There is an exit! The portable mixture heater is a versatile device that quickly gained popularity due to its simplicity and ease of use, as well as its special and main function: heating and maintaining the desired temperature of the liquid for a long time.

What is the advantage of this device?

  1. Light weight and small size.
  2. You can take it on the road, travel, for a walk.
  3. Works from a power bank, cigarette lighter, laptop, from the network through the power supply.
  4. Hypoallergenic material.
  5. The temperature regime is maintained constantly.
  6. No need to charge.
  7. Fast heating.
  8. Removable fabric cover.
  9. Optimal price.
  10. Interesting design.

It is worth noting that the USB heater is suitable not only for maintaining the optimal temperature of the liquid for formula, breast milk or water, but also for heating baby food in glass jars.

A stationary electric bottle warmer is no match for a travel device that can be used no matter where mom and baby are. Therefore, you can be calm, because the child will be able to have a snack on demand without much difficulty and get ready-made warm formula in the shortest possible time.

The Bee Mammy thermal bag is the best invention for caring mothers who strive to properly organize a full-fledged meal for their child, regardless of the surrounding conditions and location.


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