How to organize a storage system in a closet or on open shelves?


We thought for a long time and came up with … We figured out how to change and improve such a simple thing as a storage box. To do this, we needed only two ordinary materials:

🔸We took binding cardboard, as strong as for book covers.

🔸Paired with eco-friendly faux leather. ⠀

Voila! A stylish and durable piece of furniture is now a reality. Robust binding board + stain-resistant, durable and fashionable faux leather = a one-of-a-kind storage box.

The advantages of the materials we have chosen are many. But first of all, strength and beauty were important to us. Therefore, we chose binding board. And the variety of textures and an extensive color palette of artificial leather created space for creativity.

We wanted to create a box that you don’t want to hide in your closet. And we did it! We took the matter seriously. Made of high quality from ordinary materials. Added uniqueness to a simple box. It remains only to use. We are sure you will like it!


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