Spring is a great time to get in shape. If you take care of your own body now, next summer you will not have to wrap yourself in a pareo on the beach and hide an imperfect figure from the eyes of others. How to get rid of extra pounds in a few months?


Step 1. We have breakfast correctly

In order to properly start metabolic processes, you need to have breakfast within 1–1.5 hours from the moment you wake up. The morning meal is very important in terms of energy intake, so you should not skip it. The classic breakfast option is porridge. Less classic, but also viable — scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, casserole.

Step 2. Plan your snacks

On average, you should have 1-2 snacks per day. Lunch is between breakfast and lunch. Snack is between lunch and dinner. In the variant of five meals a day, we eat almost every 2–2.5 hours. Ideal snacks include fruit, yogurt, a small cereal sandwich, and a hot drink.

Step 3: Dine Smart

It is very important to consider the amount of fat in your diet! A common mistake that almost all people who dine out of their homes and offices make is not paying attention to the food they are served in the establishment. It’s one thing to eat just a salad, another — a salad, richly poured with fat sauce or oil.

Step 4. Dinner on Time

Dinner time is 19-20 hours. However, it can change both in one direction and in the other. It all depends on when the person goes to bed. The best time to eat is three hours before bedtime. At the same time, you can make a lighter version of dinner: kefir, bran (3 tablespoons), a little cottage cheese.

Step 5. Reviewing the diet

Remove from the diet complex salads seasoned with mayonnaise, semi-finished products, the composition of which you do not understand or you are not sure about it. The allowable amount of butter is 1 teaspoon per day.

Step 6. Get enough sleep

A person loses weight better when he gets enough sleep, because it is during sleep that certain hormones are produced. They are insulin antagonists.

Step 7. Learning to Distinguish Hunger from Appetite

Hunger is a state when a person is ready to eat anything. Appetite is a manifestation of whim, that is, you are sorting out what you would like to taste now, this or that. A hot drink, even a glass of warm water (it’s better if you squeeze a few drops of lemon into it) will distract you for an hour and a half and help you live until the next, normal meal.

Step 8. Eat Regularly

Big misconception: the less I eat, the faster I lose weight. If you skip lunch (any other meal), be aware that you are likely to have a breakdown in the evening.

Step 9. Lean on vegetables and fruits

Increase the proportion of vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet. They contain a minimum of calories and natural glucose, which gives energy. It is also important to consume protein and dairy products. Milk, kefir, fermented baked milk — all this is a source of calcium necessary for our bones.

Step 10. Swap Dangerous Sweets for Legal

Fruit and berry sweets (marshmallow, marshmallow, marmalade) are acceptable, but you should pay attention to the label. The ingredients must be natural.

Step 11. Drink water

Be sure to drink water. It plays a very important role at the stage of fat breakdown. Often a person monitors the diet, but does not pay attention to the amount of fluid he drinks. As a result, extra pounds do not go away.

Step 12. Walk a lot and play sports

It is important to increase physical activity. Walking is very efficient. Unlike running, it saves joints and is suitable for almost all people.

Step 13. Don’t hope for a miracle

Do not think that you can lose weight without putting any effort into it. Some women have high hopes for massage, but at the time of this procedure, only the massage therapist loses weight. Such things are just an addition, a push to stimulate the breakdown of fats. Weight will not go away without nutrition correction.

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