How to help your child learn the multiplication table and make the process fun?


Think back to your school days. Surely every person had at least one subject with which he suffered at the beginning of the educational path. For some, this is physical education with pull-ups and long jumps, for some, punctuation in their native language, and for some, arithmetic and the multiplication table in particular. For adults, the examples from the multiplication table seem elementary, but for children, everything is fundamentally different. Parents and older teenagers who already know arithmetic need to help the child simplify the task and make its study more interesting.

Currently, the multiplication table is taught in 2nd grade, and most schools advise you to learn it in the summer before 2nd grade. Thus, the main and most difficult time for memorizing table examples falls on you and me. Leading experts in the field of preschool and school education argue that the direct participation of parents in the educational process without severe coercion greatly increases the effectiveness of education. In this case, if it is necessary to help the child, it is important to decide which strategy to follow in order to memorize the multiplication table with the greatest pleasure.

Basic principles of self-study of the child

Motivation. The child must realize that learning is not a punishment or a meaningless process. Explain to your child that free orientation in computing operations simplifies interaction in the world.

visibility. If you do not use colorful examples that explain the essence of the problem, it will be harder for the child to accept the inevitability of memorization. For example, tell the ward that when buying a chocolate bar (or any other product that gives pleasure specifically to your child), a cunning seller can shortchange him, the world consists not only of kind people. It will calculate once, twice, third, and the total calculation will be expressed by one additional chocolate bar, which the child could afford if he knew the multiplication table.

Regularity. If the multiplication table is in the mind of the child for a significant part of the time, visual memory will be connected — the child, without knowing it, will present columns with examples, which will allow him to finish his studies sooner and go to play.

Associativity. Ø Everything is simple here — systematize the chaotic examples of the multiplication table, pointing out the patterns to the child. For example, in a multiplication by five column, all results end in either 0 or 5.

portioning. Do not force your child to learn a large volume in a short time. A column per week with mandatory regularity is more effective than the entire table in two days.

Flexibility of knowledge. Of course, the fastest way to memorize the multiplication table is to learn it like a poem. There are many videos on YouTube in which examples are arranged in a sequence of lines of a simple song. On the one hand, it helps to remember the motive, but the essence is in free orientation within the table. Give your child random examples, because this is how good teachers test knowledge at school.

Ease. Of course, especially lively and playful children should be forced to study, but know the measure — the environment around the training should be friendly.

Patience. Not all children are equally diligent, talented or assiduous. Someone will learn a column in a day, someone will barely master it in 5 days. Your task is not to suppress the child and not show aggression.

promotion. Everything is clear here without much explanation, thank the child for the zeal and desire for knowledge, giving him what makes him happier.

Practice Anywhere, Anytime. This advice refers to the practice of consolidating the child’s already developed knowledge base. Ask him to calculate the cost of his favorite treat, determine the number of wheels of a nearby car or something else, show your imagination and creativity.

Perhaps these are the most basic tips for parents regarding the process of memorizing the multiplication table at home. Returning to the principle of visibility, we want to draw your attention to the fact that the child should form an emotional connection with what he contacts. And in the case of the multiplication table, we can offer you several options. Does your girl like to pretend to be a princess? Especially for you, we have a poster with a multiplication table, on which a beautiful princess is drawn. Is your child into video games? Perhaps you have heard of Among Us? But your child knows exactly what it is, in this case we have a poster with a picture of a card from this game. If you do not want to distract the attention of the child, or you have more than one, a poster with a neutral pattern with school supplies is suitable for you, which, by the way, is also suitable for placement in a school or preparatory group, it is made in A1 format with horizontal and vertical orientations. All of our posters are bright, shiny and pleasing to the eye. Give your child vivid emotions from the process of memorizing the multiplication table, combining business with pleasure by purchasing our posters.

We hope that our advice and our products will help you, we wish you and your children success in their studies and more joy.


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