How to choose a facial tonic?


Quality daily skin care includes 3 stages — cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Why is the second stage needed and how to choose the right remedy? Now we’ll tell you.

The use of a tonic helps to complete the cleansing stage, moisturize and refresh the skin, and prepare it for applying a cream or serum. Another important role of a tonic is to restore the pH balance of the skin, disturbed after washing, to eliminate redness, irritation and discomfort.

Therefore, the most correct option is to add a tonic to your beauty routine on an ongoing basis. We advise you to choose it according to the type of skin, its features and problems. In doing so, it is worth paying attention to several points:

Natural and safe composition

It is better not to use alcohol-based tonics: they often dry, tighten the skin, break the protective layer, and can provoke an increased release of sebum. SIBERINA tonics are based on alcohol and no aggressive ingredients, but there are many safe assets that soothe and soften the skin: natural hydrolates, aloe vera gel, allantoin, bisabolol, etc.

Recommended face tonic «Refreshing hypoallergenic»with extracts of aloe vera, calendula and sage — it is perfect for even the most sensitive skin, will not cause a negative reaction and protect against dryness and discomfort.

Moisturizing ingredients

If the skin is dry, dehydrated, look for hyaluronic acid, hydrolates and aloe vera gel in the composition — they will help restore the hydrolipidic balance, retain moisture in the cells, quickly cope with peeling, and give the skin a healthy color.

We advise you to try face tonic “Moisturizing”it will make the skin fresher, firmer, smoother and softer.

For athletes and those who lead an active lifestyle, we have developed a special fitness series, which includes face tonic «Moisturizing» with hyaluronic acid.Use it after your workout to cleanse and hydrate your skin, removing redness and signs of fatigue.

Anti-inflammatory and mattifying effect

For oily, problematic and combination skin, choose compositions with natural antiseptic and drying components — they normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands and help reduce rashes.

Worried about enlarged pores and blackheads? Tonic «Narrowing the pores»with mint hydrolate and grapefruit essential oil will come to the rescue: it helps to reduce the visibility of pores, reduces oiliness of the skin and pleasantly cools.

Another helper for problem skin — face tonic «Anti-inflammatory»with chamomile, lavender hydrosols and tea tree essential oil. It has an antiseptic and bactericidal effect, gently dries up inflammation, eliminates skin irritation.

Anti-aging care

When choosing a tonic with an anti-age effect, pay attention to the composition of peptides, acids, retinol — effective anti-aging assets that will help preserve youthful skin.

Face tonic «Anti-stress care»moisturizes, protects against dryness and flaking, tightens and rejuvenates the skin due to blue retinol — a natural analogue of synthetic retinol obtained from algae.

Another useful product in a cosmetic bag — complex 3 in 1 facial tonic with glycolic acid.It has the effect of soft peeling, evens out the relief of the skin and slightly brightens it, and also has an antioxidant effect.

Ease of use

Tonics from SIBERINA can be applied immediately to the face after washing thanks to a convenient spray bottle or use a cotton pad if you are used to it. The small size of the bottle makes it easy to take it with you on a trip, even in hand luggage, and continue to use your favorite product even on vacation.

Try our facial tonic with AHA acids against blackheads and oily sheen.It is perfect for skin care in summer, because in hot weather the skin is more prone to oiliness and inflammation.

Choose your favorite natural tonic in the catalogSIBERINAand enjoy clean and healthy skin without discomfort and dryness!


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