How to break the stroller Noordi Sole Go (2 in 1)?


Breakdowns of the hood regulators (scientifically «hood») of the cradle or walking block are found everywhere. Most often, the mighty grandparents of a young driver become the culprits of breakdowns. Older people simply do not notice the buttons on the regulators and fold the hood through force (and sometimes through a mat).

In this case, the regulation is quite primitive, but with its own features and design flaws. Which, of course, no one will tell you about when buying in a store.

So what do we have:

  1. 💰The cost of the stroller— 39 900 rub.(average price in Russia)
  2. 🔩Spare parts— easy to find on sale
  3. 🔨Repair— possible at home(in the presence of components and a minimum set of tools). Atthe level of labor intensity is average
  4. 💵Cost of repairs in the workshop— 1850r.(average price in Russia, taking into account the cost of spare parts)How to break the hood of the Noordi Sole Go stroller?
    • When buying a stroller don’t ask how the regulation of moving parts is performed in this model and use the mechanisms as you please
    • Do not share the nuances of exploitation with household members (husband / wife, grandmother, grandfather, older children) — let them figure it out themselves
    • Wash the hood in the washing machine along with the regulators. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get a washer. BINGO! 🥳

Choosing the right stroller is half the battle. It is also important to use it correctly so that it serves for a long time and regularly.

I wrote down more details on how to buy and operate baby strollers correctly and posted them on a special service Waldberiz Digital

Here is the link https://digital.wildberries.ru/author/528882


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