How do you see modern clothes?



How do you see modern clothes? For sure: fashionable, beautiful and durable. If things are easier with the first two qualities, then the wear resistance of things often leaves much to be desired. What does it depend on? from the composition of the fabric. Many of us prefer only 100% natural fabric. Yes, it has a number of positive qualities, but, unfortunately, it can rarely boast of strength. It is artificial fibers that help the fabric retain its shape after washing, do not fade in the sun and do not tear from the slightest tension.

Let’s go back to the past

Polyamide — the very first artificial fabric, released to the masses. It was she who received the name «synthetics» among the people. It is interesting that initially polyamide was invented for the manufacture of tires, but then they realized that it would take a more worthy place in the clothing industry. Polyamide products did not immediately fall in love with people. They were sure that artificial fibers were harmful to health and could even be fatal. Fortunately, all these misconceptions are in the past.

Advantages of polyamide

Polyamide, like any other fabric, has a number of positive properties:

• strength. Perhaps this is one of the main advantages. The thickness of the fiber is slightly thicker than a human hair, but it can withstand a weight of 1.5 kg;

• lightness;

• the fabric keeps its shape perfectly and does not wrinkle;

• fire resistance. The fabric does not burn, but melts;

• fiber pleasant to the touch;

• it is well painted;

• elasticity;

• does not shrink after washing;

• does not fade in the sun;

• water-repellent, dries quickly;

• fiber resistant to a fungus;

• is not corroded by alkali.

Cons of polyamide

• does not absorb moisture;

• accumulates static electricity;

• does not warm;

• difficult to remove stains;

• afraid of high temperatures. Washing is allowed no higher than 40 degrees.

Where is it most commonly used

Initially, polyamide began to be used specifically for the production of socks and stockings. It was much cheaper, the products were stronger and more beautiful. Currently, due to the properties of the fabric to keep its shape, elasticity and strength, polyamide is also used for the production of tights and golf. Most often, polyamide is included in the composition along with cotton. Combined, these fibers give socks of excellent quality, which have proven themselves all over the world.

Different types of fabric are produced from polyamide: nylon, elastane, taslan, velsoft, jordan. Accordingly, in addition to socks, almost anything is made — from handkerchiefs to towels.


The fabric is not whimsical and in order for a thing made of polyamide to last longer, you need to remember just a few rules:

1. Wash at 40°C, preferably on a delicate cycle.

2. Do not use emollients.

3. Do not use a centrifuge and special dryers.

4. Iron at the lowest temperature without steam.


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