Causes of foot odor and how to get rid of the smell?


According to statistics, men are more likely to suffer from the problem of the appearance of a repulsive smell from the feet and shoes than women. More than 80% of males suffer from foot odor for reasons caused by physiological factors:

1) Wear synthetic socks in combination with closed shoes.

2) Do active sports.

3) Professional activity forces you to stay on your feet for a long time at high humidity and air temperature.

4) Eat a lot of spicy and fatty foods, alcoholic beverages.

5) Experience frequent stress or overwork.

6) Violate the rules of personal hygiene.

7) During puberty.

Pathological causes of unpleasant foot odor include diseases: these can be disorders of the internal organs, hormonal disorders, and fungal diseases.

Whatever the reasons, this problem cannot be ignored. After all, the correct establishment of the cause of foot odor is the first step to getting rid of the “delicate” problem. Having completed the necessary course of therapeutic and preventive measures, it will be possible to take off your shoes at home, at work and at a party, without experiencing excruciating psychological discomfort.

The presence of fungal diseases of the skin of the feet is one of the most common causes of unpleasant odor from the feet and shoes. Symptoms of a fungal infection: peeling of the skin and cracks, itching, strong odor. The disease affects the skin of the foot and leads to the fact that any stress, hot weather and other factors that cause sweating provoke the appearance of amber.

In addition to aerosols and ointments, what else helps to get rid of unpleasant foot odor?

The Smart Textile company has developed socks Hygiene — fungus «Classic». The fibers of the yarn from which the socks are made are impregnated with SANITIZED preparations that do not have a harmful effect on humans. During the use of socks, the drug is released from the tissue and protects the skin of the feet from harmful microorganisms and bacteria that cause fungal diseases and unpleasant odors.

Socks «Hygiene — fungus» retain antimicrobial activity for up to ten washes. The effectiveness of the antifungal action of the socks «Hygiene — fungus» is confirmed by the results of laboratory tests. By the way, women who are at risk of catching a fungal disease also successfully use socks. Now you can get rid of the smell with a simple and convenient tool. These are Hygiene socks — mushroom «Classic» in a gift box.


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