What games to play outdoors


Modern children spend a lot of time at the computer and in front of the phone screen. A wonderful summer time is the time to show your child the variety of outdoor games. The benefits of such a pastime are many: physical activity that helps the child develop correctly and harmoniously, fresh air, fun with peers and family communication, which the child will remember for a lifetime.

Outdoor games can be divided into mobile and board games. Both of them are good.

What to play — choose!

Gorodoki. The essence of the game is to knock out from the “city” (hence the name) by throwing bits (sticks) a certain number of figures in turn, made up of 5 towns — cylindrical columns made of birch, linden, beech. The main task is to spend as few throws as possible on knocking out 15 pieces. Who, following the results of three rounds, used fewer attempts, he won.

Ring throw. Develops accuracy and patience. The further the player is from the target, the more interesting!

Rope pulling. The game can be both team and for two players. Give the kids your own CrossFit rope or regular jute cord.

tug of war

Darts with balloons. Inflate balloons, tape them to a wooden board and throw darts at them. Who will be the most accurate?

Fishing. Perfect for a summer cottage! Pour water into a small pool or a large basin, launch plastic aquatic inhabitants with iron spouts there, hand the fisherman a magnetic fishing rod and a bucket for the catch. Younger children can be given a net. The game will keep the child busy!

Dragon head. The players cling to each other like a train. At the command of the leader, the head of the dragon — the first person, tries to catch the «tail» — the last person. He, in turn, must dodge. When the last one is caught, it goes to the beginning of the chain.

Edible — inedible. Players alternately throw the ball to each other, naming various objects. If an “edible” word sounds, the player must catch the ball, “inedible” — skip.

Melting glaciers. Here you have to take care in advance. Put the small ones in the container. dinosaur figurines, mammoths or beetles, fill with water and put in the freezer. In the heat, just remove the container and the game is ready! Ice can be melted in the sun, using a plastic screwdriver and a hammer from an archaeologist’s kit or improvised tools, you can break off pieces of ice, or you can use a water gun to direct a stream of water onto the ice and save pets from ice captivity. At the same time, you can tell the child about the properties of ice.

Fishing rod. Participants stand in a circle. The leader stands in the center with a “fishing rod” — a jump rope or rope, at the end of which a bag of sand is tied. The host spins the fishing rod in a circle, and the participants must bounce, trying not to hurt it.

Giant Kerplunk You will need plastic balls, a net and sticks to make this fun. The essence of the game is to pull out the stick so that the balls do not fall out.

Giant Kerplunk

Bottle bowling. You will need 10 plastic bottles, paint and a tennis ball. Paint the bottles and ball (so that everything looks just like the real thing), let them dry thoroughly. Then fill the bottles with water — the skittles are ready.

hit the target. Inflate balloons, put a plastic basket or container for toys and use noodles to try to send the balloon to the basket. Simple and fun!

We study insects. You will need a magnifying glass, a jar with holes in the lid, suitable for this container for bulk products with mesh or narrower ready set. Go to the park, forest or look for interesting specimens in the country. Only then gently release the insect.

Obstacle course. Here you can give free rein to your imagination. Create obstacles from anything and wait for the players with a stopwatch at the finish line.

Squirts. Use water pistols or ordinary plastic bottles with a punctured cork. An old game that does not require labor and makes children excited!

Children launch the plane

Football, volleyball, kite flying and airplanes — games that do not require preparation, but also bring a lot of fun!

We think you have your top outdoor games. Share with us!


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