What accessories are in trend this winter?


No woman’s look is complete without a stylish accessory. Faux fur is no longer just a trend, but a must-have in the modern woman’s wardrobe. Therefore, the ICONIC CODE brand team created a feminine accessory, a fur scarf with a silk scarf.

The scarf is made of mink-like faux fur in a luxurious wine shade, burgundy color. From the front side, the scarf is fur, from the wrong side — a lining made of dense «fur coat» viscose of deep dark gray color. The scarf is 50 cm long and 20 cm wide. It looks more like a boa.

Such a scarf is universal: it can decorate outerwear, for example, a winter coat. And also style with casual clothes, a voluminous sweater, for example, or with a dress. Due to its exclusive design, such a scarf can be safely put on «on the way out» to the theater or to a social event.

The scarf is not just a fur accessory, it is complemented by a 100% silk scarf. The pattern on the scarf is classic «cucumbers». This silk was specially purchased in Spain for a luxury collection of artificial fur coats. And, of course, we could not ignore a stylish accessory, a fur scarf. The size of the scarf is 100*100 cm.

The feature of this fur scarf is that you can replace the scarf with your own. Since the scarf in the scarf is attached from the side of the lining to special loops in the color of the lining.

Experiment with style!


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