#To be honest: how to start with 80 tr. and where to look for clients. “I raced away with a vacuum cleaner at the ready”


Replenishment in our rubric #frankly_about_cleaning with honest interviews with owners of cleaning companies from different parts of Russia. Today we will talk with Dmitry Sablin, the owner cleaning company Cleanbubble in Balashikha, Moscow Region, about:
• how to start with a minimum budget;
• leaflets in minibuses or target — which works better;
• in which season investments will pay off faster;
and much more!

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Dmitry Sablin, owner of the Cleanbubble cleaning company in Balashikha, Moscow Region

Why did you choose cleaning? How did you get started in this area?

How beautiful to describe the curve that led me to the direction of cleaning. Hmmm… I’ll try to remember. Here’s what happened, so I’ll tell my story:

Somehow the stars aligned in such a position that we were given a sofa and a huge soft panda. My wife and I came to the common opinion that this whole thing needs to be cleaned up, since at that time we had small children and we did our best to surround them with maximum cleanliness. The question is how to clean? The first thing that came to mind was to call professionals, but as in any ordinary young family, there was no extra money for this service, and we decided to rent equipment and do everything ourselves.

We were most impressed by how much dirt came out of a clean-looking sofa, and at that moment the idea was born, which then grew into the “Cleanbubble” project.

Your first business investment. How much money do you need now to open a cleaning company from scratch?

I started by buying a Karcher Puzzi 10 extractor and a cleaning starter kit. The cost of the whole set at the start is about 80 thousand rubles. At the beginning of my path in cleaning, I did not buy special products for stain removal, because. I decided to first get trained in fabric science and the correct use of stain removers in dry cleaning. I would like to point out that this is very important! Do not neglect the acquisition of new knowledge in this area, if you want to provide quality services and not be afraid of the consequences.

How long did it take for you to recoup your investment?

In dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, as in cleaning in general, seasonality plays an important role. I came to this area at the end of the summer and paid back my investment by winter. If you start in the spring, then you can get into the plus much faster.

What mistakes did you make in the beginning?

On the first orders, I cleaned everything with one alkaline agent, and it turned out that I could not cope with all the problems. Later, I was trained and began to understand the compositions, I learned about the properties of alkali and acid regarding dry cleaning. Here, of course, my initial education as a chemist-technologist helped me. In my work, I have always been careful, doing a wedge test on an inconspicuous area of ​​\u200b\u200bfurniture before using this or that product.

How do you find and attract clients? How much do you spend on advertising? Which platforms are more efficient?

I try everything. Starting from free message boards and ending with targeted advertising in popular social networks. He posted his portfolio of a specialist on Yandex, created a group on VKontakte. I tried to place ads in minibuses and at stops, it turned out that this was an ineffective way. Still, now all the money (customers) is on the Internet.

Over time, my own client base was formed, which I lead. Many come back, or even several times a year. In terms of advertising, the target showed itself best, for which I spend about 30 tr. per month.

The most trashy story or the most non-standard order

Early in the morning the phone rang, the woman on the phone begged to come quickly. My working day usually starts at 9:00, but I decided to make an exception, I needed help very urgently.

Upon arrival, when they opened the door for me, I almost fainted from what I saw. I was met by a girl with a broken face. Once inside, I was even more scared. Nice modern apartment was destroyed in the trash. Bulls, spilled alcohol, dirt — this is only a small part of what I saw, I can’t even voice everything. As in a horror movie, I saw a picture of unbridled nighttime fun with traces of blood and various other liquids in the morning. From all this magnificence, along with the smell, tears welled up in my eyes.

The most interesting thing is that the hostess was only interested in the sofa in the midst of the general apocalypse, although a complete extreme cleaning of the apartment was required. The thought came to me: didn’t I arrive at the crime scene and without five minutes was his accomplice (if I washed the evidence from the sofa) ?!

The next moment, at the speed of a professional sprinter with a vacuum cleaner at the ready, I raced away, hearing behind me pleas for urgent dry cleaning and offers of any money. But at that moment I myself was ready to pay the poor fellow. This case still worries me: did I do the right thing in the end?

It is very important to develop your permanent client base, do your job well and keep your reputation at a high level.

What stains are the hardest to remove?

Those stains that are covered with a blanket and left for several years, and then decide to call a dry cleaner to remove them. Old, as well as stains that people try to remove on their own with folk remedies, after watching YouTube, it is very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to remove. Now, having a knowledge base, I understand that the wrong choice of products can cause even more damage and fix the stain on the surface for all eternity.

How much can you earn in your city cleaning?

I work part time as cleaning is not my main source of income. Again, the amount of money earned depends on the season. On average, my monthly check is from 50 thousand rubles. net after advertising and funds.

What would you wish to beginner cleaners?

• I advise you to take training in fabric science and stain removal. At the very beginning of the journey, this will save you from a huge number of mistakes and dissatisfied customers.

• It is worth monitoring competitors in your city, identifying strengths and weaknesses and, based on the results of the analysis, form your own unique offer.

• Feel free to introduce yourself! Despite the fact that the direction of cleaning is now actively developing, many people do not know anything about dry cleaning furniture. Do your job with high quality, value your name and everything will work out for you!

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Thank you for your participation to Dmitry Sablin, an expert in his field, the owner of the Cleanbubble cleaning company!


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