Safe depilation: how talc takes care of the skin and prevents ingrown hairs


Talc or powder is a mandatory step for hair removal with sugar paste or film wax. It is a very fine, light powder that is applied to the skin immediately before application of the material and has 4 important functions:

Absorbs moisture and degreases the skin.

With increased sweating, the paste will simply roll off the skin, leaving the hair in place. The talcum powder will absorb excess moisture and ensure a smooth and easy application of the paste.

• Raises hairs.

Talc is applied against hair growth and makes visible even small and transparent hairs. Now removing them is much easier and faster.

• Prevents sticking and improves paste adhesion

In order for the paste to stick less, it is necessary to evenly apply talc. It evens out the skin and allows the hairs to be better captured by the paste.

• Keeps skin healthy.

During a strong jerk of the paste or wax, not only hair is removed, but also the upper layers of the skin. Through the resulting microtrauma, bacteria enter the body, which provoke inflammation, turning into ingrown hairs. Talc creates a protective layer that protects the skin from sticky material.

Talc or baby powder? We understand the composition.

It would seem that if a fine white powder is needed for depilation, then why not use flour, starch or baby powder, based on the same talc. In fact, everything is not so simple here, and an attempt to save money can affect health.

• Starch and flour, mixing with moisture on the skin, turn into a sticky sticky mass. When the paste or wax is torn off, it injures the skin, which means that the likelihood of inflammation and ingrown hairs increases.

• The talc granules in baby powder are much larger than in depilatory talc. On the one hand, this is good — this way they absorb more moisture from the skin, but on the other hand, large granules can cause blockage of the sebaceous glands.

• Baby powder in addition to talc contains various fragrances. In the case of depilation, this is an absolutely superfluous ingredient that increases the likelihood of allergies.

As part of Victoria`s Professional and NanoSugaring depilation talcs, there is only 100% talc and nothing more. It is easy to apply and is consumed very economically, while significantly facilitating the process of hair removal, reduces discomfort and reduces the risk of developing an inflammatory reaction on the skin.


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