How to teach your child to ride a scooter


Increasingly, on the streets you can see children of different ages, famously dissecting on scooters. Such a mass hobby cannot but rejoice, since it is not only an attribute for a fun and active summer walk, but also a kind of simulator for maintaining health. While riding a scooter, the main muscle groups are involved, and the posture becomes smoother. In addition, this is a good cardio workout, during which the blood is actively saturated with oxygen. Therefore, we boldly go to the store for such a useful thing, and teach the child to ride a scooter.

When can you start riding

Learning to ride can begin as soon as the child begins to walk confidently. For starters, it is better to purchase a low model, with two wheels in front and one in the back. And only then, when the baby grows up and starts to ride confidently, you can move on to two-wheeled transport. A three-wheeled scooter is good because it has a special type of control — not by turning, but by tilting the steering wheel. For young children, this is the most convenient option, since it is still difficult for them to steer in the right direction. It is better to start training at home or in another place with a safe floor covering. After the first acquaintance with transport, the child is unlikely to immediately want to ride. Usually kids look closely, study, try to make a couple of pushes, but the most daring ones risk going. Therefore, for effective training, it will be useful to show by example how to ride.

Tips for learning to ride fast

For successful learning, it is enough to follow simple recommendations.

  • First you need to determine which hand is leading. Depending on this, it will be clear which side is more convenient for the child to hold the scooter.
  • After that, show how to hold the device correctly. To do this, firmly grab the steering wheel with both hands, then put one foot, the supporting one, on the footboard, and rest the other on the floor and make a confident push.
  • It is important to teach the child to control the tilt of the body so that in no case does he tilt the body back, as this makes it difficult to maintain balance. It is better to stay straight, or lean forward slightly.

Now it’s clear how to teach a child to ride a scooter, but how to stop correctly? The main thing to learn is that you can not make sudden movements, throw the handlebars, or jump off the footboard while riding. This is especially dangerous at high speed. To stop each device has a braking system. In some models, the brake is located on the handlebars, while in others it is at the rear, and is pressed with the pushing foot. Another important rule that needs to be conveyed to the child is the need to periodically change the supporting and repulsive legs. Otherwise, if only one leg works, it can lead to problems with posture or an uneven load on the muscles and joints.

How to teach a toddler to ride a scooter

If everything is simple with older children: just tell the basic rules and show by example how to ride; that’s not enough for kids. It is important to interest the baby so that he does not lose interest in the scooter.
To get started, you can put the child on the bandwagon, and roll it around the room yourself, holding the steering wheel. Later, when the baby gets used to it, he himself will want to push off with his foot. And only then can you slowly learn to control with the steering wheel. After the movement along a flat path is mastered, you can create artificial obstacles in the form of chairs or toys so that the child learns to go around them. And so that the whole process takes place in the form of a game, you can give the baby a prize at the end of the distance.
In addition to basic riding skills, the little racer must learn the rules of behavior during a fall. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to completely avoid such situations, so it is better to prepare mentally for them. The child should not at this moment think about the integrity of the transport. The main thing is to group in time to avoid injuries. During home workouts, it is better to hide all fragile items so as not to get hurt during training. And after the baby’s movements have become more confident, you can try to ride on the street. During street riding, you can’t leave a child alone for a second, but control the direction of movement, avoid bumps in the road, and generally make sure that older children don’t knock him down. . It is possible that over time his views will change. Well, if not, then it’s not scary — there are still many interesting and useful hobbies in the world.

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