How to take care of your bag: 10 life hacks


What should be the care of your favorite bag so that it lasts longer, pleasing with external aesthetics? This collection will prioritize the care of leather and suede bags. So here are the top 10 tips for you:

  1. Avoid excessive contact of the bag with moisture.

Leather women’s bags need protection from moisture, like suede ones. Of course, no one is safe from rain, but we recommend that you always have ordinary absorbent wipes with you, wiping the surface of the bag from drops and snow in a timely manner. This should be done even if you use water-repellent impregnation. And, of course, don’t forget your umbrella!

  1. Impregnation that repels moisture

The water-repellent spray also has properties to repel dirt. As a result, the bag will not suffer excessively from water and will be less dirty. Apply the impregnation before the first use of a new bag and repeat the procedure according to the recommendations in the instructions.

  1. Choose moisture impregnation according to the material of the bag

Often manufacturers write on impregnations “for all types of leather” or other materials. But it would be ideal to use impregnation for the material from which your product is made. A leather bag for women is one thing, a patent leather clutch bag is quite another. And of course, a women’s summer bag suede, backpack bag or crossbody bag nubuck require radically different care.

  1. Removal of street dust and dirt

The safest and fastest option for removing dirt is to wipe down your travel, fitness or leather shopper bag with a soft microfiber cloth. You have probably noticed that a women’s white bag is very easily soiled, even leaving traces of hands. You can gently clean it by dropping a couple of drops of your favorite shampoo into the water, and then wipe it dry.

  1. Bag lining care

It happens that liquid has spilled in the bag or the padding has just become dirty after a long wear. No problem! Carefully turn everything inside out, check the pockets and wash the lining in soapy water. Do not use washing powder, it leaves stains.

  1. No self-activity!

The network replicates a lot of ways to independently return the bag to its former form. Someone advises rubbing the skin with lemon, someone allegedly has a successful experience of cleaning with ammonia. But we recommend avoiding «folk» advice, and carefully read the care instructions from the manufacturer’s brand and use professional products.

  1. Do not wash bags made of leather and suede

This advice, it would seem, is as old as the world, but many neglect it. The natural texture of leather and suede can be permanently damaged.

  1. Do not touch the bag with hands that have been smeared with cream

A suede bag will instantly get dirty with greasy hands and become untidy if you touch it with creamed hands. The same can be said about a leather women’s bag. genuine leather any color. A white summer bag for women will lose its charm, just like a massive leather shopper bag will shine from handprints. A women’s document bag will look especially untidy, but business bags are part of the reputation.

  1. Store bags properly!

At the end of the season, your favorite accessory should go into storage. Whether it’s an elegant tote bag, a sporty banana bag or a large zippered shopper. Store bags flat, out of direct sunlight, in a clean, dry, ventilated area.

  • . Take your bag in for repair

The advice is especially relevant if it is about an expensive leather bag. Timely repair of the accessory is guaranteed to extend the service life.

Women’s leather bag is not just an accessory, but an integral part of the image. Follow the rules of care, and your favorite thing will last a long time, adequately combined with the wardrobe, delighting with beauty and a neat look!

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