The rhythm of life is accelerating every day. Work, kindergarten, active weekends! The sun is out and the weather is great for walking. A modern mother uses all means to speed up routine issues. Knitted baby jumpsuit with a zipper is a great solution! Fashionable and beautiful kigurumi for girls and boys from the footer will appeal to children and they themselves will be happy to dress on the street. The jumpsuit with a hood is made of high-quality footer, presented in six colors. Comfortable, and at the same time, stylish children’s clothing is simply necessary for making discoveries on the playground, learning about the flourishing world in the park, square, in the country and traveling. And we, mothers, will not worry about an open lower back and a forgotten hat. For the complete convenience of mothers and children, the jumpsuit has a valve for a quick toilet.

The weather is changeable and fickle in the wide expanses of our homeland, therefore, at the request of our dear mothers, in our collection there is not only lightweight children’s underwear without fleece, but also insulated overalls for children for cooler days and evenings.

In our ZEBRABIRD collection you can choose a white cotton T-shirt with trim in the color of the overalls. Don’t worry about crooked seams! Children’s clothing from ZEBRABIRD is made according to all technological requirements from high-quality materials and does not deform after washing.

Children are the flowers of our life! Our joy and happiness! We all want to give them the best, which is why we care about the quality of our products. All our clothes for children have the necessary certificates of conformity. Produced in Russia under the strict control of our entire team. We are mothers — we sew clothes for your and for our children! With care and love for mothers and children. ZEBRABIRD.


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