How to quickly and easily teach a child to count and read?


The easiest and most effective way to include numbers and counting in a child’s life is to count everything around. Are you going home? Count pigeons, steps, benches, flowers, cars. It is also very useful to introduce the child to the visual image of numbers through associations. To enhance the effect, use visual and tactile contact. A collection of educational puzzles «From 1 to 10» with favorite characters from popular children’s cartoons «Trees», «MiMiMishki», «My Little Pony», as well as cute animals in the design «For Toddlers» — this is a convenient visual simulator for getting to know numbers and first account!

Assemble a large puzzle with 30 elements with large details with your child, hang it on the wall for daily activities and consolidate the knowledge gained, and soon you will see the result!

The same principle is conveniently applied to get acquainted with letters. Alphabet puzzles of 30 elements in popular licenses will become faithful helpers for parents and favorite aids for children! With such bright, colorful puzzles, mastering the alphabet will be very easy!

Especially for everyone who wants to teach a child to count and read, we have created puzzle sets of 30 elements «From 1 to 10» and «ABC» in the designs of kids’ favorite cartoons!


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