How to prepare a child for a photo shoot in the studio?


Tell your child about the upcoming photo session

Treat the child not as a small child, but as an adult, then he will behave accordingly.

The biggest mistake is when parents do not warn that soon the baby will need to pose and constantly look at an uncle or aunt who is holding a huge black camera. Children of any age should be told in advance what awaits them, and what you yourself expect from them. There is no need to hope that the child will come to an unfamiliar atmosphere, get used to it in 5 minutes and easily trust the photographer. Rather, tell them that the photo session that awaits them can take time, at first it will seem very boring, but it is important to listen to the photographer, smile and not fool around (if you did not plan to).

Sincerely tell your child that you are going to the shooting for a reason. Do you want to make a gift for grandparents, leave photographs as a keepsake, so that later they can be pasted into an album or framed.

Such conversations can be held several times before shooting, so that it definitely has some effect.

Don’t promise your child anything

After you talk about shooting, consider that you have already done 90% of the work. Children are very impatient, so you should not promise ice cream after shooting. Because he wants it right now!

«Smile, and then I’ll give you something that you love very much!» usually ends with a sincere smile for 3 seconds, which is not always possible to catch, and the child already wants his reward very much. The scenario may end badly.

Instead, we suggest that you prepare a surprise for the baby, which you will give him after a rather difficult «work». Praise is the best reward for a child. He will appreciate this much more than the constant stress of waiting for something special.

Choose comfortable clothes

Agree, clothes always play a big role for our feeling. In a comfortable outfit, we feel more confident and ready to conquer the whole world! Therefore, in the selection of clothes for photography, you need to be very careful. If the child is uncomfortable, then whining cannot be avoided.

It will be very cool if you include your baby in the choice of outfit: offer to choose from several similar options.

Do not worry that a T-shirt, trousers, tights can get dirty, and your hair can quickly become disheveled. These are children! Even very natural and creative shots will turn out.

And finally, try to support the child. With young models, as you already understood, it is very important to consult and listen. A child can make an amazing shoot, but we’re not immune to the fact that he can totally ruin it. Help the photographer. Ask him what you can help with. Advise what is best to do at the moment.

Thank you for reading to the end! We hope the article was useful to you and now you will definitely stay with wonderful shots of your child. And most importantly — with pleasant memories. Good luck with your photography!


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