How to make life easier for a new mother?


The first year of a baby’s life is a period that determines its further physical and mental development, the nature of future relationships with people and the world in general. That is why mothers, feeling and understanding this, try to take care of their child, take care of his comfort, provide good sleep and nutrition, closely monitor his development.

There are too many events and information, and very little time. Notes are lost, important dates are forgotten, photos remain unprinted.

Happiness Within is designed to make this important time easier. It contains 17 most useful tables that allow you to use it not just as a newborn album, but as:

  • an effective tool for building and adjusting the daily routine;
  • a detailed food diary or food diary;
  • a piggy bank of ideas for developing activities;
  • planner to prepare for the first birthday, travel and other important events.

Conveniently, in the baby’s diary, you can keep a vitamin D intake tracker, a developmental activity tracker, a mood tracker, create an individual vaccination calendar, and much more.

Also, the glider includes a separate block for mom, where you can:

  • maintain a monthly payment schedule
  • control the family budget,
  • schedule your workouts, set fitness goals, and track your progress with the progress tracker.

This is not just a diary of a newborn mother, it is a multifunctional assistant that fully covers all the important moments of the first year of your motherhood.


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