How to instill a love for broccoli and board games?


It so happened that children reject everything useful. Instead of broccoli, they prefer
chips, Montessori games are abandoned in favor of robots and Bakugan — all this
known parental pain.

Recently, advice from an experienced mother appeared on the Internet on how to force
child voluntarily eat vegetables. They sat at the table all together, with children in plates
there was a side dish and meat, and my mother had meat and a lot of vegetables. When the children asked what she was eating,
she cryptically replied that this was a special adult food, it was very unlikely that they
like it. Of course, after that, everyone wanted food from their mother’s plate. Vegetables have been
eaten completely.

So it is with games. To teach children to spend time playing board games, first of all, you need to start playing yourself. And of course, the very first board game is important.
It should be matched by age, by interests and become exciting and
fun activity.

A board game is not necessarily a quiet exchange of cards and the movement of figures.
There can be stormy emotions and discussions here, the intensity of expectations — who is faster
will react, and the sweet feeling of victory!

The game «Kotostropha» is great for introducing board games into the developing «diet»
children. Why choose Kotostrofu?

  • This is a family game. You can start without children, as in the case of a plate of vegetables —
    the main thing is to be interested.
  • The main characters of the game are cats! Who doesn’t love cats? Especially when they are cute and
    funny. This is a story about two prankster cats — Marsik and Murzik, who
    arrange a real KOTOstrofu in the house.
  • Children will not be bored, because the game is based on reaction speed and logic, it is not necessary
    wait for your turn, all act at the same time.
  • The rules of the game are as simple and clear as possible, you do not need to spend a lot of time
    for study.
  • Age of participants can start from 6 years old.
  • The game develops an analytical mind, speed of thinking and attentiveness —
    balm for the heart of parents!

More about the game

The goal of the game is to figure out the naughty cat faster than other participants and grab the right one.
figurine. To do this, the players simultaneously compare the pictures on the boy’s cards
and girls and determine which of the cats is more common. These cats are so easy

How to play

  1. Open the mess card and find out what happened.
  2. At the same time, turn over the cards of the son and daughter and count which of the cats is more often
    found on open cards. Try to be the first to grab the correct figurine
  3. If there are images of crying children on the cards, grab the figurines
    ice cream or dolls to earn extra victory points.

Who is this game for?

  • A family that loves fun and cats!
  • Mobile and active children.
  • Fans of games with active interaction.
  • For everyone who loves cats!

Love cats, broccoli and boards! Have a fun game!


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