Actual jewelry and how to combine jewelry


What separates modern accessories from obsolete ones? First of all — design. Now massive jewelry is at the peak of popularity. The trend for geometry in jewelry design, simple shapes: circles, balls, squares, rhombuses in necklaces, chains, rings, pendants, bracelets and especially earrings. Asymmetry and a combination of different materials are in fashion.

Massive decorations

Massive chains, large earrings, large pendants on a necklace and bracelet, a large ring — all these elements create a trendy, relevant, modern, stylish look. Large, massive chains can be worn in everyday life, at work in the office (without a strict dress code), at parties, dates, in cafes and restaurants, for video performances or live broadcasts, where the upper body is clearly visible. A chain with large links goes well with a white shirt, jeans, turtleneck. It is important to experiment and try unusual combinations of clothes and large jewelry. The main rule is that the brighter and larger the decoration, the calmer the rest of the image should be. Large earrings are now relevant not only at an evening event, birthday or wedding; big, bright earrings, and even with stones can be worn with a simple, basic, casual outfit. Of course, wearing massive earrings to an event is still relevant.

Geometry, unusual shapes

One of the most popular jewelry designs is geometry. Stylists refer to geometry not only clear forms: circles, squares, rhombuses, balls, rectangles, triangles, but also unusual shapes, fluid, like frozen liquid metal. Stud earrings are concise and unusual in shape — a trend that adds zest to the image. In chains and necklaces, pendants are relevant: circle, ball, heart, rhombus, rectangle. Geometric decorations are suitable for dresses, suits, blouses and skirts.


The trend for asymmetry has existed for a long time, and is gaining more and more popularity.

— Asymmetric earrings are stylish, noticeable.

— Mixed-pair earrings add zest to the image and can brighten up any set of clothes.

— You can buy several pairs of asymmetric earrings of similar design and come up with new combinations every day.

— Thanks to the different pair of earrings, you can emphasize the asymmetrical haircut, focusing on the open ear with a longer earring.

— Asymmetric earrings can distract from the nuances of the face and emphasize the dignity of appearance.

Jewelry is a powerful tool in creating an image. Complements, softens, emphasizes and enhances, it all depends on the goals or event.

It is not necessary to wear jewelry from one set: earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring — everything is the same, as it was fashionable many years ago. Now the main thing is to choose jewelry similar in metal and design. Massive, large chains are combined with geometric earrings and rings. Large chain links with small links in the bracelet. Do not be afraid to experiment, there are no strict rules on how and what to wear. Your inner confidence and joy from decoration is more important than right or wrong combinations


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