Which night light to choose?


A night light is an essential addition to any home. Of course, most often nightlights are used as white noise for children. It is convenient for parents and at the same time provides the child with a calm and comfortable sleep. Its soft, slightly magical light gives children joy, soothes, helps to overcome the fear of the dark, fall asleep and wake up rested. But, a night light can be very useful for adults. We will tell you more in the article.

Choosing a night light in the nursery should be taking into account the age-related characteristics of the development of children. If your child is still a baby, then a nightlight is more likely for mom, so that it is more convenient for her to get up at night to the baby — shake, feed, find a dropped nipple, give a bottle. It should have a subdued light so as not to disturb the baby.

Night lights for babies

For babies, models with a sensor that reacts to crying, mobiles that have a backlight and are attached to a crib are great. The latter most often have sound accompaniment, and in this case, you need to pay attention to the fact that the music is not too loud.

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Nightlights for toddlers and kindergarteners

For kids of toddler and kindergarten age, a night light in the form of some animal or objects of the starry sky, for example, in the form of a house with light from windows or in the form of the moon, as well as a night light that changes the backlight, will be more interesting. The latter are very compact and do not require batteries, as they are powered directly by electricity.

But it should be borne in mind that such nightlights, due to their compactness, do not have a very large lighting area. If you need to find something outside this zone, you will have to turn on the additional light.

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Night light projectors

They can be safely called a hit of our time. Usually the projector is a ball, a box, a “jar”, ​​when turned on, the atmosphere around is immediately transformed: the ceiling and walls “come to life” in soft rays, stars, planets, constellations, various heroes appear. Images can simply be projected, changed, or slowly moved.

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Desk lamp

A classic choice for older kids. Table lamps can have several built-in functions — remote control, power adjustment, and even a projector. There are combined table lamps with a projector function.

The table lamp is the best solution for children over 8 years old. Of the minuses, it should be noted the mandatory connection to the network.

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Night light for adults

Well, there are nightlights that combine several functions that both a child and an adult will need. For example, a night light with white noise, backlight, bluetooth and an aromatic humidifier. Those. with one device you can: listen to music through the built-in Bluetooth speaker, humidify the air in the house, turn on a night light with warm light for children at night, meditate under the aroma of essential oils and melodies built into the diffuser.

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