What natural ingredients help maintain the beauty of hair


Since ancient times, women have sought to emphasize and preserve the beauty of their hair. To do this, they used the beneficial properties of plants: the secrets of home care recipes from different countries keep references to various herbs, berries, and fruits. Plants that are rich in vitamins, fatty acids and have antioxidant properties are considered the most valuable. They help maintain the beauty and shine of the hair.

For hair restoration at home, as a rule, oils are often chosen. The most famous of them is coconut: it has a lot of fatty acids that nourish the hair, protect them from the sun, cold, dry indoor air. Vitamin E, which is contained in this oil, has powerful antioxidant properties and promotes regeneration.

But coconut oil in its pure form can weigh hair down significantly, so Biolage moisturizing fluid is much better suited for daily care. Despite the fact that coconut initially has a greasy base, the spray has a light consistency and is suitable for fine hair that is prone to quick loss of freshness.

Biolage Coconut Leave-in Fluid

The beneficial properties of the rare Moringa Evergreen Oil are at the heart of Exquisite Oil’s formulation. The product is recommended to be applied to damp hair, immediately after washing. Vitamins and amino acids penetrate into the deeper layers of the hair, facilitate combing and add shine to the styling. The light aroma of the oil will relax and give you the warmth of the South American sun.

Biolage Exquisite nourishing oil for all hair types

Since childhood, we remember the stories of mothers and grandmothers about the moisturizing and regenerating properties of aloe juice. This unique plant is able to retain moisture in the most arid conditions. Anyone who at least once broke an aloe leaf and left it on the windowsill could notice that it did not dry out for a long time. Based on the components of aloe, a mask-concentrate for deep restoration of dry hair Hydrasourse was created. Immediately after its application, the hair is smoothed, soft and shiny. Thanks to its rich composition and active natural ingredients, the product transforms hair in just a few minutes — just what you need for a home beauty ritual.

HYDRASOURCE Deep Recovery Mask for Dry Hair

A product with a high concentration of caring ingredients gives an instant effect: the hair becomes soft and shiny. The mask remains effective for a long time and has a cumulative effect, that is, the more you use it, the more well-groomed your hair looks.


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