The world through children’s eyes: how to speak the same language with a child


Is it easy to communicate with little ones? Most adults think that there is nothing complicated about this: you ask — the child answers, he asks — you answer; you give an instruction — the child does it, he gives an instruction — you explain why this is not possible, but only the opposite is possible. Oh, and sometimes you also talk about abstract topics. It’s simple, isn’t it?

Yes not so

Building a high-quality dialogue with a child, getting a pass to his world and arousing a desire to share the innermost is an art that not everyone owns. However, this is necessary if we strive for trust in relationships, if we want children to be free to communicate at home, so that they can spend time with us with pleasure.

When a child is sure that you are on the same wavelength, this is wonderful! And books play a huge role here. If we offer reading that touches the delicate strings of the soul, makes us empathize, forms thoughts into words, answers unasked questions, this strengthens our connection with the little person. A child with such books experiences moments of sincere joy. After all, “happiness is when you are understood.”

Where does childhood live?

One of the notable series for novice readers is «Children’s Friend» by the AST publishing house. There are eight books in it, with the ninth coming out soon.

Books are not ordinary. This is a kind of cocktail of funny and touching life sketches in verse or prose for children from 4 years old. Some names are worth something: “Semyon Andreevich. Chronicle in scribbles”, “Reverse mother”, “Old women fell from the sky”, “Mura’s happiness”! The style of the authors fits perfectly with children’s perception — in the books the classic presentation is mixed with modern dynamics and humor understandable to kids. Reminiscent of the books of our childhood in a new way. Reading them, you involuntarily smile, and sometimes you just laugh heartily.

The story is often told from the point of view of the main characters. For example, “Semyon Andreevich. Chronicle in scribbles ”is the ironic reasoning of a five-year-old boy about everything that happens around. Semyon Andreevich’s mother still thinks that he is a baby, but the little boy himself convincingly proves that he understands much more in life than some people think. Only now the letter W is not given to him! But Semyon Andreevich does not give up and, under the guidance of his mother, methodically visits the speech therapist Alevtina Petrovna, where he stubbornly struggles with the intractable letter. Which means everything will be fine.

Kids love these books for the stories that are found in the life of every child, good humor and the very art of speaking the same language with children. In addition, the series is richly illustrated by popular artists.

The already mentioned stories about Semyon Andreevich were designed by Victoria Kirdiy. She is known as a cartoon man, a creator who does not let go of a pencil. A true fan of his work. To date, Victoria has more than 2,000 works: cheerful, positive, atmospheric. You will find some of them in this series.

Who came up with these stories?

And they came up with their wonderful authors, «stars» Masha Rupasova and Narine Abgaryan.

Masha Rupasova taught Russian language and literature in the past, then worked in glossy magazines, then went freelance as a journalist. And one day, a couple of years after the adoption of the baby, she suddenly began to write children’s poems. Yes, so successful that in six years she has released 10 collections of poetry, which every time are instantly swept away from the shelves by fans of Machine creativity.

Narine Abgaryan became famous almost by accident. Her autobiographical story «Manyunya» in a live journal caught the eye of the famous writer Lara Gall. Through her, Narine got acquainted with the St. Petersburg editorial office of Astrel-SPB, where since 2010 her inimitable stories for children began to be published. In fact, Abgaryan writes for everyone. Her works are a mixture of emotional stories with ironic dialogues, reasoning and observations, plus an exact hit in the mood of the reader.

Both authors of the series are real finds for the world of children’s literature. Their books can be recommended to every home library. If you want to make a gift that you will definitely like and strengthen your bond with your child, then refer to the «Children’s Friend» series. It lives up to its name 100%.


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