How to properly care for a swimsuit: 12 simple and effective lifehacks.


The service life and condition of your swimsuit will depend on proper care of your swimsuit.

The composition of the fabric of a swimsuit, as a rule, includes polyamide (70-85%) and elastane / lycra (30-15%). Polyamide fiber is durable, it takes all the load when pulled and wet. Elastane fibers primarily suffer from high temperatures, chlorine, and strong mechanical stress.

To keep your swimsuit looking like new, follow the manufacturer’s simple recommendations.

  1. Wherever a bathing suit is used — at sea, in a lake or pool, it is a must needs to be washed after use.
  2. Swimsuit recommended to hand wash in lukewarm water (25-30 degrees) without pre-soaking.
  3. Do not use detergents with bleaching effect. It is allowed to use a neutral detergent — baby soap, a powder that does not contain chlorine in its composition. Do not use the conditioner when rinsing, the swimsuit will not become softer from it, but on the contrary, it will «stiffen».
  4. Do not leave a wet swimsuit in a bag for a long time, especially after chlorinated pool water. A swimsuit can get prints from the contact of a fabric of a different color, or stains from bleach.
  5. It is recommended to squeeze the swimsuit manually. To better remove moisture, it is recommended to wrap the bathing suit in a towel and wring it out with it.
  6. Bathing suits are not dried on a radiator or heatersthis may damage the elastic fibers, resulting in deformation of the product.
  7. Don’t leave your swimsuit in the sun to dry. Not a single swimsuit is insured against fading of colors. Swimsuit is best to dry in the shade in a straightened form. Of course, the fabric of the swimsuit fades in the bright sun. Some dye is more stable (black, for example), another is less stable, but with careful handling, a swimsuit can last more than one season.
  8. Swimwear should not be dried by hanging them on the straps, since they can stretch under the weight of wet laundry. It is advisable to dry in a horizontal position.
  9. Usually a swimsuit can’t be ironedso the iron should be abandoned.
  10. Swimwear can not stand the high temperatures of baths and saunas, for this there are cotton swimsuits. The same applies to the use of a bathing suit in mineral springs, when taking mud or salt therapeutic baths and visiting massage parlors.
  11. Swimwear must be true to size. Sometimes, when choosing a swimsuit, the customer deliberately chooses a much smaller size in the hope of a tightening effect. A single-layer swimsuit fabric will not cope with such a function and will soon stretch out. Therefore, be sure to consult with the seller, and you will be recommended swimwear with a special mesh-tightening under the main fabric.
  12. Remember that tanning oils, creams, sprays and other cosmetics can ruin your swimsuit, both the fabric itself and the accessories.

Take good care of your swimsuit and you will enjoy it for a long time!!!!


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