How to keep the skin youthful and how does an anti-aging face cream work?


Taking care of the skin from a young age helps to improve its condition and prolong its youth. Properly selected anti-aging face cream provides elasticity and smoothness to the skin. In this article, we will find out how to prevent premature skin aging. And also we will understand what is the principle of action anti aging face creamwhat it should contain and what to look for when choosing it.


Each person’s skin aging process starts at different times. Someone at the age of 25 needs anti-aging care behind the face, but someone at the age of 50 does not need face cream anti-aging 50 +.

Skin aging is influenced by external and internal factors.

EXTERNAL factors are caused by exposure to the skin from the outside. The skin aging process is started and accelerated by:

— Wrong way of life. Inadequate and unbalanced nutrition, bad habits, poor sleep, low physical activity — all this contributes to the development of a deficiency of nutrients in the body, which serve as a building material for skin renewal and provide its nutrition. Accordingly, the lack of the necessary macro- and microelements prevents skin renewal and contributes to its early aging. The lack of useful substances in combination with the intake and accumulation of toxic products in the body make the skin dry and irritated. And dry skin is prone to wrinkles. It is important to remember that not only high-quality external care, led by face creambut also taking care of your body from the inside.

— Ultra-violet rays. Absence in skin care face sun protection cream allows ultraviolet radiation to aggressively affect the skin. This entails damage to the elastin fibers. As a result of their destruction, the skin loses elasticity, becomes swollen, more sensitive and inflamed. In addition, if you neglect to wear sunglasses, you will most likely also experience early wrinkles on the skin. When you squint in the sun, you contribute to the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. As a result, there is an urgent need for wrinkle creams.

— Use of poor quality care cosmetics. It causes skin irritation, destroys the integrity of the epidermis structure, makes the skin thin and less elastic. Incorrectly selected cosmetics with a poor composition cause dryness, peeling of the skin, cracks and “creases” on the skin.

INTERNAL factors that take away youth from the skin:

— Stress. Regular experiences, anxiety and other adverse psychological effects worsen the overall health of the body, disrupt the functioning of organs, including the skin, which undergoes premature aging.

— Problems with the immune system and hormonal imbalance. It’s no secret that skin imperfections can originate from within. In this regard, it is important to provide an integrated approach to skin care and ensure her health both inside and out with the right face cosmetics.

— Heredity. This factor cannot be influenced. However, you can correct the condition of the skin with the help of high-quality anti-aging cream.


  1. Deep hydration and nourishment

Moisturizing face cream relieves the skin of dryness and peeling. In addition, deep skin hydration helps get rid of from wrinklesbecause often wrinkles occur due to insufficient filling of the skin with moisture.

  1. Antioxidant action

Antioxidants neutralize the action of free radicals that destroy collagen fibers and thus contribute to skin aging. That is why most often anti-aging cosmetics contains vitamin C. It is a powerful antioxidant that slows down skin aging. In addition, it slightly brightens the skin, relieves dark circles under the eyes and age spots. Also, vitamin C strengthens the walls of the capillaries of the skin, thereby improving its blood supply and getting rid of the vascular networks.

  1. Hyaluronic acid

Moisturizing face cream with hyaluronic acid saturates the skin with moisture. Hyaluronic acid fills wrinkles, retains moisture in the skin and gives the skin elasticity. Thanks to the use of this cream, the skin looks beautiful and young.

  1. Skin restoration

Damaged skin is prone to thinning, loss of moisture and nutrients. It accelerates the aging of the skin. Therefore, damaged skin with cracks, irritation, redness and other imperfections needs to be restored. Revitalizing face cream must contain panthenol. Panthenol is a provitamin B5, it accelerates the healing of the skin, promotes its gentle renewal and strengthening. Thanks to this, the skin retains youth and health.