How to choose a germicidal lamp for the home?


First of all, when buying a lamp, you should decide what suits you best — a closed-type lamp (recirculator) or an open one.

The main plus of the recirculator is that it can be used in the presence of people. For example, in stores where there is a constant flow of customers. Unfortunately, recirculators process only the air that they pass through themselves.

Let’s take a closer look at open-type lamps. Pros:

— unlike the recirculator, it processes not only the air, but also all surfaces on which the rays fall. Ultraviolet radiation destroys up to 99% of all harmful microorganisms.
-during the pandemic, we wipe door handles, switches, keys, phones, etc. after each arrival home. With an open type lamp, you can forget about it. It is enough just to turn on the lamp for 15 minutes. Also, additional processing with UV rays will benefit reusable masks and gloves.
-price. The cost of an open type lamp is much lower than the cost of a recirculator.

The main disadvantage is the need to leave the room during disinfection, remove animals and flowers from the room. But this minus is compensated by the presence of a timer and a delayed start function — the lamp will turn on on its own 20 seconds after pressing the buttons on the remote control and turn off after a specified time. The aquarium and flowers can not be taken out of the room, it is enough to cover it with a dense cloth that does not let in UV rays. Ideal for home and commercial use where you can get out for 15 minutes.

Now consider why there are lamps with and without ozone.

Ozone lamps are used where the most thorough treatment is needed, such as hospitals. The gas fills the entire space, regardless of whether direct UV rays hit the surface to be treated or not. But after treatment, long-term ventilation is required, because ozone is harmful not only to unwanted microorganisms, but also to people.

Ozone-free lamps — lamps that emit ozone, but within the permissible concentration for the human body. After the operation of such lamps, a slight smell remains, it is not necessary to ventilate the room. Such lamps are used in all European countries, as they are considered the safest among germicidal lamps.

Therefore, for home use, an ozone-free open type lamp is the best choice. It is the most effective, convenient and safe (if all operating instructions are followed). Happy shopping, don’t worry!


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