How to care for dark hair?


Dark color, like other shades, requires special care. Many people know that dyed dark hair loses its rich color quite quickly, so you need to make a lot of effort to maintain the desired shade. Natural brunettes and brown-haired women, too, may notice over the years that a beautiful rich color has faded somewhat. To prevent this from happening, care for dark hair must be comprehensive and thorough.
Dark hair features:
* dark hair is often prone to dry ends, so they need to be regularly moisturized and nourished;
* dyed dark hair splits much more often than light hair, and, as a result, their structure begins to collapse;
* they need gentle cleansing and nutrition more than others, despite the fact that the strands have a thickened structure, they easily fall out with a lack of nutrients;
* Moisture loss for dark colored hair is one of the main concerns. As a result, the curls dry out, become weak and lifeless;
* dark hair fades very quickly, and after using chemical dyes and exposure to ultraviolet light, you can completely forget about luxurious shine;
* The tendency to lose shine is due to the use of harsh cleansers, which open the cuticle very much and injure it, as well as ignoring the conditioning step.
What to do?
Wash your hair not too often. We recommend washing your hair no more than 1 time in 2-5 days, as with more frequent washing, the hair will become dry and dull.
After washing your hair, it is better to wring it out a little. Do not rub heavily dark hair with a towel, do it carefully and gently, otherwise it will not have any shine.
Use special tools. Use shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair that support pigment. This way, your hair will stay shiny longer.
Protect. Dark hair requires special protection from ultraviolet rays, otherwise the intensity of the color will quickly be lost. Even in winter, use products with UV protection.
Remember extra care. Use various oils and serums to nourish your hair from the inside and give it a beautiful and healthy shine from the outside.

For complete care, the MI&KO chestnut and rosemary series for dark hair is ideal. The series contains shampoo, conditioner, serum and spray.

1. Shampoo Chestnut and rosemary.
Oak bark has a light coloring property, so the shampoo is ideal for brunettes and brown-haired women to brighten the natural shade of hair. Fights breakage, dryness & breakouts. Protects from the effects of hair dryer and ironing. Hair becomes smooth, not fluffy and not electrified.
2. Conditioner Chestnut and rosemary.
Repairs damaged hair. Reduces split ends. Makes hair smooth, strong and thick. Hair color becomes rich and deep. Keratin actively restores the structure of damaged hair, making it smooth. Creates a protective film on the hair that retains moisture and gives unruly hair elasticity.
3. Serum Chestnut and rosemary against hair loss.
Stimulates hair growth at the root. Extends their life cycle. This is a real salvation for those who have been struggling with hair loss for a long time. A leave-in product based on extracts of pea sprouts and Baikal skullcap actively contributes to an increase in hair density. The course use of serum will allow you to notice the result after 1 month of daily use.
4. Spray chestnut and rosemary.
Nothing is easier than using the right spray to wrap and protect your hair. Spray should be applied to damp hair for best results. After applying the conditioner and the mask, the hair will already be easier to comb, but if you fix the effect with a spray, the hair will become even smoother and easier to style.

Definitely worth a try! Take good care of your hair — use products that take care of both hair health and beauty!


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