Facial Lysates — How to say goodbye to acne, post-acne, fine lines and pigmentation in one jar.


Girls, your BEFORE-AFTER deserve hundreds of hearts! We are proud, happy and admire each of your results!

Here we have collected the most amazing results of the use of lysates.

❓Cool, but what are lysates?

Bacteria lysates in cosmetics are fermented probiotics for the skin. The story is similar to GI probiotics. They create on the surface of the skin an optimal environment for the reproduction of normal microflora.
A healthy microflora = good skin immunity. This means that the color and tone of the skin improves, its reactivity decreases. Lysates also have an anti-aging effect and help get rid of rashes and acne.

❓Are there any studies on their effectiveness?

Of course! A 2015 study (Mary — Margaret Kober, Sciencedirect) found that lysates restored skin pH. And a 2020 review study (Azadeh Goodarzi, Dermatologic Therapy May/June 2020) shows that lysates control the growth of harmful acne-causing bacteria (P.acnes).

❓ Can it be addictive?

Withdrawal syndrome, lysates do NOT cause addictions! Unless, with lysates — like with the sun or proper nutrition. You get used to good care (in a good way), and you don’t want to part with it;)

❓ Can pregnant women?

Yes, there are no contraindications for expectant mothers.

There are 20 products with lysates in our assortment! You can start your acquaintance with lysates with a universal fighter — lysates from Manyo Bifida Biome Complex Ampoule. Like a little black dress — always appropriate.

As part of as many as 5 types of probiotics, one of which is Bifidobacterium (72%) — known to us as bifida. A powerful anti-aging probiotic strengthens the skin barrier, helps beneficial bacteria multiply. Bifida seems to lock moisture in the cells, so dryness disappears for a long time.


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