Encircling fashion. Belt-sash: with what and how to wear it today.


The belt is a unique and very functional accessory that can be used to fix clothes or accentuate the waist and hips, as well as decorate the image, making it more elegant.

About the history of the belt

This item is attributed to the most ancient accessories created by primitive man. Of course, then it did not have such a beautiful appearance and was made from strips of skin, hair and plants. Only after millennia, they began to weave it from cords, fabric, ropes, which were woven or sewn together and people tied up clothes with an already finished product.

In ancient times, the belt was used not only as a piece of clothing, but also as a bag. Branches and tools were attached to the belt. Still, for many years and even centuries later, the belt continued to be used as a kind of storage. Usually, a purse was kept behind it, a weapon, a small handkerchief with tobacco products and a knife were attached. Women wore sweets and other delicacies behind their belts, keys to houses and warehouses. At the same time, the belt began to be worn only as an ornament. For example, a belt was not required to wear a sundress, but it was still worn as an important symbol and attribute of clothing.

The belt, like many other things and objects, had its own symbolism. That is why the belt has become an important part of the folk costumes and outfits of many ethnic groups, tribes and peoples. Since ancient times, the belt symbolized the road, on which there were surmountable obstacles. It was believed that everyone who wears a belt has a strong amulet that will help them on the road and in life. The people believed that the belt had the ability to attract good luck. People who went without a belt were considered sinners. This is where the word “unbelt” came from — to behave inappropriately, to be an unbeliever. People believed in the magical power of the belt: if a person has a belt, then even a demon cannot touch it and will be afraid. If we turn to international symbols, here the belt was considered a symbol of honor. Each person who was knighted received a belt — a sign of dignity and honor. To tear off a belt from someone was considered bad manners and the height of indecency.

Over time, faith in the magical power of the belt began to subside, people stopped wearing it every day and considered it a talisman. In the modern world, the belt serves as a fashionable decoration, is used as a decorative part in clothing.

What to wear with a sash:

Such a belt is worn exclusively at the waist. It can be tied over a dress, sundress, tunic, blouse, shirt, jacket, coat, raincoat and even a fur coat.


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