Children grow up fast, how not to miss important moments?


There are so many worries and troubles with children. Sometimes you think: they would have grown up as soon as possible, let them live their lives … And they grow up, and suddenly you realize how little you valued the precious time of your childhood.

The further you go, the more you realize that this is perhaps the main truth about children: they grow up very quickly. It often seems to young parents that the way it is now will always be. Eternal screams at night, eternal «on the handles», eternal games with cars, sobs during separation and the same tale for the hundredth time. I so want it to change as soon as possible. So that he would rather grow up, learn, be able to do it himself …

So it will be: he will grow up and be able to do it himself, and very quickly. After all, we are busy, we have work, relationships, a creative life, but just business, and we live the childhood of our children in fragments. A year and a half at the beginning, then half an hour in the evening, half a day on the day off and two weeks on vacation. If we count the “hockey time” of our parenting, is that much going on? And how much of it we spent on reproaches, notations, on “leave me alone”, “wait” and “go do your homework better” …

And it’s not at all “potty training” that comes to mind, and not what anyone had in a quarter in the third grade. I remember something else

When my daughter was five and she went to kindergarten, we made a “stock of kisses” with her. She had a denim jumpsuit with many pockets, and in the morning I stuffed “kisses” into all these pockets. So that, if you suddenly become sad, you can “get it” and feel that your mother loves.

I really want parents to understand their child’s childhood as a short and valuable gift — a time when you can be with him, take care, please, hug, listen, be a guard for him, create a supply of «kisses» for life ahead.

Don’t rush time. Wash your undershirts and buy locomotives. Enjoy.

One of the best ways to keep memories of an important life stage, an interesting event, a trip is a PHOTOGRAPHY!

We take photos of absolutely everything that surrounds us — food, nature, documents, friends and of course children. But what will happen in a year, two, ten?! No matter how hard we try to save them in a separate file or folder, they can easily get lost. The best solution is to print the photos, and besides, the tactile sensation of scrolling through the album is always more pleasant than just clicking through the files with the mouse.

Now for the album!

I chose the most suitable

  • wooden cover, eco-friendly and safe for storage
  • white and black sheets
  • you can add different sizes of photos
  • supplement, if desired, with additional sheets and corners of any colors
  • you can add your favorite quote, phrase or words
  • the child can write his own comment or drawing

    The same brand has additional sheets, rings, inscriptions, corners for the perfect photo album

Thank you for your attention!
In the next article I will talk about ideas for photos and what moments in the life of a child should not be missed!


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