What is the value of your time?


It is so established that almost any of the women, from an early age, wants not only to attract men’s glances, but also to catch the spellbound exclamations of other women, their social circle) After all, the other woman is a competitor, isn’t she? Combining cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, tattooing , paint coating of all horny parts of the body, the forms of the body itself … and its entire essence. Individually or jointly, they try to become princesses and queens not only of their inner world, but also of the world of their environment, and ideally of third-party, diverse worlds. The processes themselves aimed at all this, as well as the selection and selection of what is necessary, takes precious time ! After all, there is still so much to be done … As they say? «Happy hours are not observed?». The rest have to take into account the time. It has been measured since unconfirmed times. The variety of mechanisms according to its calculation is huge, from solar, to chimes and electronic in all kinds of gadgets. It was the sandstones that became the indisputable symbols of the storage of time. As in the picture of Lasko Y.V. They depict the essence of the present, as a moment between the past and the future, the frailty of being, the cyclical change of Chaos and Order, Life and Death, flight and the continuity of movement, its inexorability and fragility. Or another, Anna Akimova-Shevchenko. In the universe, the union of the feminine and masculine principles is under the control of the Universe, as a result — the continuation of life. Visually Form of connection of two beginnings in the form of an hourglass. The flow of life from one form to another. Sometimes it is very important for us to know what time it is. Be it day or night, light or dark, wherever we are. Therefore, the ability to know the time in the dark, with the help of backlight, continuously keeps pace with progress. Moreover, situations often arise in which it is necessary to hint at the value of your time and it does not matter what time of day it is at that moment. , comfort. Do not run away and do not lag behind, Recalling — time is fleeting. «A chain with this symbol will look perfect on those who know the value of their time and want to show it. The same goes for those who need to think about it! With a luminescent phosphor, it looks elegant at night and in rooms with low lighting. Ideal as a gift for a sister, daughter, girlfriend, girlfriend and just an acquaintance!


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