What is a picnic without «alaverda *» on a fresh note?


Picnic, barbecue, barbecue or fishing! How much in these words is pleasant, so familiar to everyone and, in addition, unimaginable in anticipation! It seems that we all went to such events and should know everything about it! But every time this is something new for us and we are looking forward to it with great impatience))) After all, the anticipation is so sweet and joyful …. Most of us understand that it is almost always simply. There are neither equipped places prepared in advance by someone, nor comrades who will do everything for you, nor anything that could be used for its intended purpose, without blanks. If you can solve the dishes with a disposable one, and build an impromptu barbecue for cooking, then with the table you have to use improvised means. In the form of hemp, abandoned plywood, birch bark or cardboard. Or, take a pre-purchased folding table with you. It’s so convenient! There is a place to put chopped vegetables, preparations, salads and the ready-made shish kebab itself! But … Let’s remember about the same tourist picnic table. Great thing, isn’t it? Especially when you have to move it from home to the very place of rest. Bulky, bulky, heavy, not very convenient when you need to take more things or packages that do not fit in the same hand. Yes, maybe not too heavy, just a few kg, but it simplifies the process by the same amount! Just that the dimensions do not quite allow maneuvering with intensive walking and wearing. Eh, it’s nice when you have a car))) There are times when it’s not possible to drive to the desired vacation spot … Then loading, unloading and moving become similar to hiking. At this moment, it immediately becomes a burden, replacing joy with a painful necessity … Let’s remember how we hold the event itself?) While preparing the main dishes (kebab, pilaf, fish soup, smoked meats, etc.), we taking food. We put a table, put food on it, wash it, cut it… And then… we remember… Does each of us eat at this very table? Perhaps near the fire, barbecue, on a soft blanket or towel, on a log or hemp, on a tourist chair or hammock. Everyone is looking for a cozy and warm place for themselves. The folding table remains as a common food base for repeated food supplies. A plate with yummy in the hands becomes an individual table. Can we consider another option? What if the table itself does not weigh kilograms? For example, 180 grams, less than a regular pack of butter? What if it will be unique for each of those present? After all, then it will be possible to settle down and retire anywhere! It seems cool and cool))) Let’s try?


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