Volumetric 3D STICKERS on the phone: why are they needed and what are the main differences from the usual ones?


Volumetric 3D stickers are stickers made of epoxy resin with a self-adhesive film. The image with the finished self-adhesive film is filled with resin and dried up to 48 hours, depending on the size of each sticker. Each sticker is filled in manually and with high-quality materials, which makes the sticker absolutely safe.

The difference between ordinary stickers and resin stickers is that the warranty period of resin stickers is very long, on average they last more than 20 years. Such stickers can be stuck on the phone, computer, laptop and any flat surface. They are pleasant to the touch, can protect your gadget from chips and scratches when dropped. These stickers look very stylish and fashionable.

Advantages of resin stickers:

— has a transparent base

— always elastic, do not dry out and do not turn yellow

— does not change the color of the print

— high resistance to atmospheric phenomena and chemical influences

— high resistance to mechanical damage

The production process of volumetric stickers consists of the following main stages:

— Printing the basis of the sticker. The printing method can be the most diverse: offset, flexographic, gravure, letterpress, digital or silkscreen. The method of printing is determined by a complex of the following factors: the timing of the order, the type of base material, economic indicators and the circulation of volumetric stickers.

— Cutting the sticker along the contour, as a rule, this operation is performed using the following types of equipment: plotter, crucible press, laser.

— Pouring the base of a three-dimensional sticker, such an operation is based on the casting and surface properties of the pouring liquid. Due to its good casting properties, epoxy resin fills all the voids and discontinuities of the product, and surface tension forces cause the resin to harden in the form of a convex surface.

Finally I want to share my personal experience and my observations. These high quality resin stickers are absolutely harmless for both adults and children. By the way, children and teenagers get stickers with a bang! Great as a gift.


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