Remember what scratching posts for cats were during our childhood? That’s right, none. Cats sharpened their claws on sofas, doorframes, and stool legs. With the advent of scratching posts, the life of pets and their owners has been greatly simplified. But what if you bought a stylish Bumba Rock cat scratching post and your pet ignores it? We talk about the basic rules for accustoming a pet to a new place for sharpening claws.

Don’t scare!
If the pet ignored the cat scratching post and went to torment the sofa again, do not get annoyed and do not scream. So the cat will not understand anything, but only get scared.

Some cats do not like if the scratching post is wall-mounted — they prefer to scratch horizontal surfaces. Try to put it on the floor and see the reaction of the animal. To do this, choose a universal scratching post that can be used in different variations.

Scratch the surface of the scratching post with your nails — characteristic sounds should attract a pet. You can use your cat’s favorite toy to keep him interested. Together with the Bumba Rock scratching post you will receive a cute mouse toy for cats. It is perfect for attracting a pet to the scratching post.

Try putting a couple of drops of valerian on the surface or rubbing it with catnip. After that, usually even the most fastidious kitty begins to use the device with pleasure.

Be sure to praise the cat if she succeeded!

But we think you will not need our advice, because 90% of cats immediately start using the Bumba Rock scratching post. Natural materials (wood and sisal) resemble real tree bark, which is so loved by the representatives of the cat family. Sisal fiber does not crumble, unlike a cardboard scratching post, it is durable (it lasts at least 2 years) and is completely safe for the pet’s health.

Attaching a scratching post to a wall or floor is very easy. You can attach the scratching post to the wall using the glue circles or nails that come with the kit. And also in the set you will find 4 rubber nozzles that will allow you to place the scratching post on the floor in such a way that it does not slip or scratch the surface, providing maximum comfort to your cat.

Stylish look, rounded corners, perfectly polished wood — a cat scratching post will fit into any interior! The scratching post takes up almost no space, and you can place it in any even a small space.

Along with the wall scratching post, you will receive a unique guide with useful information from leading industry experts. Guide will tell you how to teach a cat to scratching posts and make sure that the cat stops scratching furniture. The guide also contains information on how to create comfortable conditions for your pet to relax, and what will help to entertain your pet.

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