How to stop baldness in men? 4 easy steps!

Is your hair escaping faster every day? Unsightly islands formed on the head? If you do not plan to become Bruce Willis, you need to act now! Read the review of an effective line against hair loss. Only 4 steps + regular use will give results.

CAPIXYL – proven efficacy against hair loss

The popular Minoxidil was replaced by the innovative Capixil complex — studies have shown that it is safer and more effective. It acts on the root cause of baldness by inhibiting the production of the hormone DHT. Well, let’s not bore you with theory. One thing is important: anti-hair loss products with Capixil really work!

It is on the basis of the CAPIXYL complex that the 4-stage AXI’MAN system was created.

Step #1 Shampoo against hair loss

Deeply cleanses hair and scalp from dirt, sweat, excess sebum. Restores natural pH balance. Contains 100% natural botanical extracts & Hydrovance moisturizing active.

Step #2 Serum-activator of hair growth

Leave-in men’s care, which includes two peptide complexes — Capixyl and Procapil. They strengthen and rejuvenate the hair follicle, make hair thick and strong.

Step #3 Hair Growth Serum

Another leave-in product with Capixyl for those who have seriously decided to get rid of hair loss. Serum awakens dormant bulbs, helps to prolong the phase of active hair growth.

Step №4 Serum-balm against itching and irritation

Relieves discomfort and inflammation after shaving, normalizes the microflora of the epidermis. Contains Biolin P Complex, a botanical prebiotic that restores the skin’s natural ecosystem.

We wish you victory in the difficult fight against baldness!

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