How to realize secret sexual fantasies (18+)


Hello, I am your inner voice.

Nope, not the one who at two in the morning persuades you to watch another episode of your favorite series or begs in the morning: “come on .. lie down for another 5 minutes.”

I am the one who runs hidden sexual fantasies in your head from time to time. I know all about them. You drive them on your own, and some of them try to deny it altogether. How many such fantasies have been embodied, huh? Are you embarrassed and worried that your partner will not appreciate the skeletons in the closet?

I have a solution.

In sex, as in art, there are no limits. Any aesthetic is wonderful. Each of you has secret desires that you do not tell each other, or maybe not at all. Perhaps you are ashamed of them or do not accept them.

Spedition of desires — will guide towards the most intimate and help to realize fantasies

This is an erotic game for couples, which consists of exciting tasks, after which you will open up to each other more and fulfill your sexual dreams.

Drop all complexes and clamps, play as if you are alone with yourself and you have nothing to be ashamed of.

At the beginning of the game, write your 5 wishes on a piece of paper and exchange them with a partner, but do not open them in front of each other. Perhaps you may not be ready for some of them. Open your partner’s desires in private and study carefully. Give yourself time to prepare if needed. The main thing to remember is that even the strangest and, at first glance, perverted wishes are the desires of your loved one, and if he revealed them to you, then he trusts them as himself. Most importantly — do not joke about each other’s desires, this can hurt a lot and close your rapprochement forever.

Often, the main cause of problems for young couples is shyness. This game was created not only for you to discover something new in the world of sex, but, most importantly, to start talking about it with each other and discuss all your «wishlist».

Sexpedition of Desires — erotic sex game not for one evening. Take 1-2 cards a day. There are no winners or losers here. The result is a new level of your relationships and self-knowledge. Remember, taboos and stereotypes are invented by people living in their own subjective reality, you are not obliged to follow them, much less accept them as truth.

Everything is allowed that does not violate the boundaries and rights of third parties. Good game!


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