How to put the baby to bed? Tips for Young Dads

We know that often the situation forces a young dad to refuse to share sleep with his wife and child. After all, he needs to sleep before a hard day at work. However, from a psychological point of view, this is not very good: after all, in the first days and weeks after childbirth, a young mother needs support more than ever. In any of its manifestations, including just being there.

And if you decide to also help put the baby to bed, then we are in a hurry to share with you tips on this matter.

There are three keys to success in this difficult business: white noise, fresh air and movement.

  • White noise is monotonous soft noise. It can be reproduced, for example, by a shower. And you can also find a lot of applications on the Internet that can publish it.
  • By movement, we mean motion sickness — measured and calm.
  • And, of course, we do not suggest going for a walk at night so that the baby breathes fresh air and falls asleep. But if you have the opportunity to go, for example, to the balcony, then there you can combine all the success factors — the monotonous noise of the street, motion sickness and fresh air.

We believe in you and your patience. We hope you enjoy the process of putting your baby to bed after applying our tips!

Another great co-sleeping solution!

In order for the family not to be separated and everyone to be comfortable, manufacturers of children’s goods came up with side cribs. One of the best options is a model from the Spanish brand Jane. Simply attach the crib to your bed with the included straps. For easy and quick access to the child, just lower the side wall.

During the day, the crib can be used as a stand-alone crib for your baby — just lift the side backrest. The bed is equipped with wheels for easy movement. Maximum comfort for everyone.

This is a convenient and secure solution. The child is limited on three sides and has its own sleeping place, but at the same time is close to its parents. The height of the baby cot can be freely adjusted thanks to the telescopic legs, which allows you to choose one of six positions — from 68 to 79 cm.

More security:

Jane side cribs include a new side safety barrier designed in accordance with EN 1130:2019 The locking system counteracts any risk of the crib moving away from the parent’s bed.

Jane side cribs are designed to be used from birth. For safety when spitting up, the mattress can be tilted. Included: straps for docking with an adult bed, a breathable mattress with 3D mesh and a great set of children’s bedding.

The crib weighs only 10 kg, so it’s easy to travel with it. It folds up nicely and takes up little space.

Important! The crib is designed for babies who are not yet able to roll over, sit up or stand up on their own.

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