Make a deal with yourself

It is clear that starting to do something new and to some extent limiting is not always pleasant, even for a good purpose. But what if you try and at least give yourself such a chance. And suddenly like it! Write why it is important for you to learn how to save money. Make a list of benefits and look there when you feel like quitting.

Deal with expenses

1. Keep a spending diary to understand how small expenses turn into hefty sums by the end of the month. Think about what you could give up without losing the quality of life.

2. Install applications for accounting finance, for example, «CoinKeeper», «Finance Book», «Zen-money» or any other. Conduct an audit of discount cards, do not discount their usefulness. By the way, so that the cards are always at hand, there are also applications, for example, “100 cards”, “Wallet”. Loyalty cards will help you save money and accumulate bonuses.

3. Get rid of loans if possible, or at least refinance them.

Set a financial goal

To be precise, use the SMART technique. Deciphering this abbreviation says that the goal should be specific, measurable, achievable, meaningful and limited in time. For example, buy a new smartphone for 35,000 rubles in 4 months.

Understand how much you need to set aside monthly so that by the end of the term, the piggy bank is replenished by the planned amount.

The main thing is that the goal motivates and inspires you. Maybe it’s not a phone, but training courses, shopping or vocal lessons

Save a little every day

Ideally, we recommend setting aside 10% of your income each month. If it’s difficult to set aside the entire amount at once, you can break it down into daily contributions to your piggy bank or account. For example, instead of setting aside 5 thousand at a time, set aside 170 rubles daily. Not so scary, right?

Make a list before going to the store

Carefully analyze what you need in the store. Check the refrigerator, food cabinets and then make a shopping list. This will help you not to get confused by the variety of assortment in the store and not to buy too much. And one more piece of advice: go shopping full.

Limit access to savings

If you are afraid that one day your hand will tremble and you will spend everything you have accumulated, make sure that this is not easy to do. Put money on a deposit without the possibility of withdrawing ahead of time. Remove all cards from quick checkout online stores or come up with something of your own to protect money from impulsive spending.

Optimize your internet and communications costs

Often we do not even think about how much money we spend on communications every month: cellular + Internet. It happens that the tariff provides for one thing, but there are always some extra deductions. Calculate and understand your conditions, turn off irrelevant services and services. For example, tariffs from MegaFon’s new tariff line #Without Overpayments protect against unnecessary subscriptions and allow you to use communications without overpayments: unlimited for instant messengers, even at zero, unused gigabytes of the Internet are accumulated, 600 minutes per month for calls, including intercity. All this for a fixed, monthly fee!

You can become a MegaFon subscriber without leaving your home — order a SIM card with self-registration online using the link

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