How to get revenge on grandma?


Most of us remember or still taste the attention of our loved ones. Our grandmothers are trying to surround us with the most comprehensive care!

How do you like all-season wrapping up with warm outerwear, accessories made of woolen fabrics and, at times, voluminous, handmade knitted robes?

Also, with them, in no case, you should not be a hostage to your weakness, lose control over yourself, take it and sneeze! Everything, all her love at this moment will reach its climax! Then you will be forced not only to listen to endless lectures about numerous means of prevention, but also to feel for yourself all the traditional medicine in action. Such as mustard plasters, jars of various sizes, rubbing with unknown, strong-smelling ointments and alcohol solutions in all corners of your body.

Grandmothers have a special gift in cooking. They are always happy to surprise and pamper their children and grandchildren. With all possible recipes at once. After all, the maternal care they tested on your parents has increased exponentially since you were born!

Now, seeing your figure, they unconsciously have a great desire to correct it. Thus, feed you all your «healthy» home-cooked products. Well, if it was limited to vegetables, fruits and berries growing in the garden, but no! How famous all over the district: rich soups; juicy meatballs; incomparable jelly; side dishes and cereals … and of course pastries? Let’s not forget about infusions and extracts from various, unprecedented collections of herbs and flowers. During all meals, they replace your usual drinks. The frequency and frequency of such tea drinking often leads to the need for fasting days, weeks and even months! Even if your physique pleases the trustee, it still does not reduce guardianship over you in order to preserve and increase your internal reserves of provisions. On the way — compotes, jams and pickles!

Give your grandma some proper attention with a portable table!

Choose a tablecloth for her, which has an illustrated clue about the number and range of dishes! Bring it all up at the right moment with explanations. Your love for them does not depend on unlimited guardianship over you, but follows from the fact that they simply are in your life! They will be absolutely happy in this moment!


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