Hello, friends. With you is a sporting goods store for the whole family «Disport». Today we will talk about nutrition during training. Namely, about natural products that will significantly improve your athletic performance.

Achieving the figure of your dreams keeps many people from sleeping in the gym regularly. Exhausting strength training, long hours spent on cardio machines and following the right diet are some of the most common body shaping methods.

In this aspect, their effectiveness cannot be denied, but with the right foundation, it is worth being interested in natural products that can improve the quality of training and, perhaps, make it easier to reach your goal.

Diet needed

Before discussing natural ways to improve athletic performance, it is worth noting that without the right attitude of a balanced diet that properly nourishes the body, there is no need to focus on individual foods. Only a consistent diet for several weeks will allow you to notice the benefits offered by these foods.

It is also worth taking care of a good sleep and reducing the amount of stress during the day, which will positively affect the rate of regeneration. Otherwise, even the best supplement will not be able to improve the results and appearance of the figure.

Beetroot Juice — Nitric Oxide

One of the most interesting products, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by many studies, is beet juice. Beets contain a very high amount of nitrates, which increase the bioavailability of nitric oxide in the body, especially in case of hypoxia and acidification, which occur with increased physical exertion.

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Nitric oxide dilates the lumen of blood vessels, which improves oxygen flow to muscle tissues, regulates muscle contractility, glucose homeostasis and mitochondrial efficiency. All of these factors lead to the ability to train longer and more efficiently, and delay the onset of fatigue.

Beet juice — dosage

To get the most benefit from beetroot juice supplements, you should consume about half a liter of juice each day. The highest concentration of nitric oxide is observed approximately 2-3 hours after drinking the juice, and its value returns to the baseline level after approximately 24 hours. According to studies, the best results are achieved by athletes involved in endurance sports, the duration of which is from a few to 30 minutes. Groups of people who took beetroot juice improved their results by up to 20%. In the case of people involved in professional endurance sports, the results were not so good, but they still felt a noticeable effect. It is worth knowing that the decomposition of nitrates begins in the oral cavity due to the anaerobic bacteria contained in it.

Coffee — caffeine

The caffeine found in coffee is one of the most studied substances in the world in terms of its effects on exercise performance. It has a variety of effects on the body, ranging from stimulating the nervous system, increasing efficiency, and ending with the reduction of muscle pain that occurs during exercise. The right amount of pre-workout coffee will be the best pre-workout option. This natural substance will increase motivation for action and allow you to work more on a particular exercise, delaying the onset of the first signs of fatigue. The smartest choice is to drink a single or double espresso half an hour before your workout.


Fats are macronutrients that are often avoided by people on low food diets. This is a very dangerous practice that can damage the endocrine system. The presence in the menu of fats, both saturated and mono- and polyunsaturated, is a guarantee of adequate solubility of vitamins and minerals, maintaining an appropriate level of hormones and stable operation of sugar metabolism. It is worth knowing that cholesterol, found in saturated fats, is a precursor to testosterone, which is the basis for maintaining good health and physical condition in men. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the daily diet does not run out of olive and flaxseed oils, avocados, various types of seeds, nuts, eggs, oily fish and meat. Only frying and trans fats should be avoided.


Water is the main element of the human body. This is extremely important in the context of the proper functioning of the body. Reducing the amount of water in our body by 1% causes a feeling of thirst. Reducing its amount by only 4% will reduce the efficiency to a third. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish fluids regularly, primarily on the basis of highly mineralized water and isotonic drinks during intense physical exertion.

It is recommended to drink at least one liter bottle per day, and during training — one more. This will provide enough minerals and prevent dehydration.


There are no products that will drastically increase strength, endurance or change the appearance of the figure. These effects should be obtained through regular physical activity, proper nutrition and consumption of nutrient-rich foods, adequate sleep and stress reduction.

Beetroot juice, drinking the right amount of coffee before a workout, or eating healthy fats will certainly help on the path to good health and shape, but they will never replace the basics.

Don’t put too much faith in superfoods because while their beneficial effects on the body cannot be denied, the magnitude of the positive aspects that result from taking them are often exaggerated.

That’s it, athletes. If you need only high-quality sports goods from the manufacturer, go to the «DISPORT» store and choose what you need.

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