How to distinguish a high-quality aroma candle from a fake: practical recommendations


Are scented candles harmful?

“Aromatic candles, harm and only harm!” True, this expression refers to paraffin representatives filled exclusively with “aromatic fragrances”. The fact is that this white representative of the oil industry, when heated, releases benzene and toluene — toxic components that should not be breathed anywhere, especially in your own home, for the money actually laid out. Another thing is candles made of vegetable or animal wax. They are completely safe for the body, and when heated, they have a number of additional advantages: they gradually, and most importantly, evenly reveal the aroma, look aesthetically pleasing and are consumed extremely economically. Moreover, brands producing such environmental representatives indicate the average burning time of a candle, and with proper use of this aroma miracle, the result always exceeds expectations.

How to distinguish a high-quality aroma candle from a fake: practical recommendations

  • Always start from the base. To weed out the lion’s share of low-quality representatives, remember — no paraffin in the composition, even if it is the most «environmentally friendly» and «absolutely harmless». By the way, if the manufacturer suddenly plays a trick on you, then it is easy to determine the presence of paraffin in a candle. It burns out like a “well”, leaving very noticeable “grooves” along the edges. In addition, if you have ever held wax in your hands, you can tactilely recognize the paraffin analogue.
  • Don’t Forget the Color. Cheaper counterparts always use non-natural dye, so the color of candles more often resembles a riot of colors of a summer rainbow. If you come across a 100% red, blue or bright green representative of a candle manufacturer, then do not expect any special effect. It is better to use them for themed holidays, for example, for New Year or Christmas compositions, in order to set them on fire once and forget.
  • Candlestick or container — always to match. Luxury brands rarely use plastic coasters for their products, unless it is dictated by some very interesting stylistic decision. And even then, hardly. Since a low-quality container can burst from the high temperature of burning a candle, and this does not benefit the image in any way.
  • Wick — the heart of the candle. And it should beat evenly, measuredly until it burns out. Naturally, no zinc thread in the composition. A natural wick and its even location inside should completely reassure you. Another nuance is that the extinguished wick does not spoil the further operation of the aroma candle, it is better to cut its burnt edge with scissors and start the next run — “from a clean wick”.
  • Packaging speaks volumes. It would seem, why waste time and money on something that you will probably throw in the trash as soon as you remove the candle. But the box in them carries even as much a decorative as a practical effect, keeping the fragrance intact. Candles with essential oils are usually closed with a lid, or sold in sealed packaging to keep such a valuable natural scent inside the container.

Here are a couple of reference quality scented candles:

And if you want to be 100% sure of the quality of your candle, try making it yourself! This is an amazingly interesting process that every enthusiastic candle lover will be able to handle! But in order not to turn off the right path, we recommend starting with ready-made candle-brewing kits: in them all the ingredients are measured, selected and prepared!

Do not be afraid to experiment and you will definitely like the result!

Always trust your feelings when choosing aroma candles and then you will definitely get an unforgettable pleasure from their rich, sophisticated palette!


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