Why develop baby’s fine motor skills? How to improve the coordination of his movements? Do I need to start from diapers?

One authoritative teacher V. A. Sukhomlinsky once wrote:

The sources of children’s abilities and gifts are at their fingertips.

Many experts note that the movements of the fingers affect the formation of speech and the development of the child’s intellect. Therefore, finger games are super useful and fun activities. You can start them from the smallest age.

We have prepared for you a whole collection of nursery rhymes (poems and movements, a type of folk game), which is very conveniently and clearly organized. Its author-developer is the famous speech therapist Olga Igorevna Krupenchuk. Here is how she suggests working with the help and explains why it is so useful and convenient:

«Paladushki» is a finger game for kids. They are presented in a convenient form for both parents and children. For an adult — poems with detailed explanations and illustrations of movements for each line. And for the child — a large drawing that reveals the meaning of the poem. An adult reads a poem and shows movements. The child repeats. When working with a book, do not try to ensure that the child learns the text. Usually, children begin to repeat the last word in a line, and only then — the entire line. But you don’t need to force the child to do this — he will say the line himself when he is ready for this.

Now «Ladushki» is available in the format of not only a book, but also a set of cards.

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