How to choose detergents


How to Choose a Laundry Detergent: Strength Test of Reflect Concentrates

The modern market is so generous with offers that we involuntarily get lost when choosing a laundry detergent, asking questions:

How well does it remove contaminants?

— Is it safe for health?

— Is it cost effective?

— What fabrics are suitable for?

— Which is better to buy: gel or powder?

Let’s check how the line of laundry detergents from the Australian brand Reflect meets consumer requirements.

Products are presented in the form of concentrated powders, gels and oxygen stain removers.

Reflect Color is responsible for the color saturation of your things.

Reflect White will keep flawless whiteness. The product washes away dirt without damaging the fibers of the fabric. And kills 99.9% of known bacteria.

Reflect maximum and universal universal powders are designed for white and colored laundry. In addition to the natural composition, they are famous for being effective even in hard water! They can be safely chosen for membrane fabrics and sportswear.

However, for more delicate items, such as wool, it is better to use the Reflect ECO active gel.

Oxygen stain remover Reflect OXI active is not dangerous for wool, silk, denim. Due to the gentle components in the composition, it is suitable even for children’s underwear. Easily removes berry, juice or grass stains with care for fabric and color. For a better effect, you can spot-treat stains with Reflect OXI spray before washing.

So let’s start the test.

This terrible word «surfactant»

Do not be afraid of the presence of surfactants in the composition of powders. They are also in laundry soap, which is considered safe even for children’s underwear. Actually, cleansing occurs thanks to these substances.

Surfactants are surfactants that attach to polluted particles, pull them out and carry them off the surface along with water. The task of surfactants is also to prevent the reattachment of dirt particles to the tissue from which they were removed.

In Reflect powders and gels, anionic surfactants are balanced with non-ionic surfactants, which significantly softens the product, allowing you to take care of the tissues and your skin. Non-ionic surfactants completely decompose during the washing process and turn into carbon dioxide and water.

Security check

Reflect uses only biodegradable ingredients to protect the environment and the health of its customers. A minimum of fragrances inside: for example, in the children’s ECO baby series, they are less than 0.5%.

The dust component of the presented funds is less than one, while the norms allow 3%.

Therefore, opposite parameters such as «hypoallergenicity» and «safety» can be ticked.

How economical?

The cost of one wash is less than 7 rubles if you wash with gel. And less than 10 rubles if you choose the powder. Why so cheap? Reflect products are a concentrate, that is, the content of the effective component is higher than that of a conventional powder: 2 kg of Reflect correspond to 9 kg of another powder, and 1.5 liters of gel is enough for up to 75 washes.

Special series of children’s products

Reflect manufactures baby clothes concentrate in the form of Baby clothes powder and ECO baby gel. It is better to have both products in your arsenal, since the gel is suitable for everyday washing, and the powder will cope with severe pollution.

Powder VS Gel: what to choose

1. Usually gels are suitable for washing in cool and warm water — 30-40 degrees, most often synthetics, mixed and delicate fabrics are washed in this mode. Powders can be used in a wider range — up to 90 °C. Reflect has a maximum allowed temperature scale of up to 100 °C.

2. For everyday washing, gels are more often used, as they have a softer effect on the fabric. For difficult dirt or work clothes, it is better to choose powder and high water temperature.

With tools from Reflect, everything is easier. The manufacturer does not even have an air conditioner in the list of products. And this is no coincidence, because the composition of the powders contains natural ingredients that gently care for the tissues without destroying them.

3. Many make a choice in favor of the gel, since it is convenient to dose and it does not generate dust. Recall that Reflect has a minimal percentage of the dust component.

4. The gel is convenient to store. While most manufacturers of washing powder do not think about the ease of use of the product after opening. Large packages are left open for a long time, respectively, the powder can become damp and crumple, and also accidentally wake up.

At Reflect, the dry matter is packaged in plastic containers (with a lid) or compact boxes that can be stored in a washing machine.

Thus, friendship wins, and friends cannot be separated, therefore it is better to purchase two products at once — in the form of a gel and in the form of a powder.

The full range and prices can be found on the website. Let washing be a joy!


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