How to choose a good headlamp?


Here we will talk about the quality LED flashlight from the brand Fairy light.

There are many headlamps on the market that differ in functionality and price. And in order not to be disappointed in the purchase, you need to decide what you need it for. Know where and under what conditions it will be applied.

If you need a flashlight for hunting, fishing and hiking, then you should take a reliable and high-quality device. So that it would not sink in water, nor crash on stones, it was light and shone for a long time. And so you don’t have to change it every year.

We recommend that you consider the Fairy Light brand LED headlamp. It is perfect for use in emergency situations. The degree of protection against water and dust IPX6 — this means that the flashlight has a high level of resistance. Of course, the lantern is not suitable for swimming and diving, but it will withstand heavy rain and spray from all sides. Also, nothing will happen to it if you inadvertently drop it. The body of the flashlight is made of ABS plastic, which is characterized by high impact resistance, elasticity and wear resistance.

The headlamp is light, the weight does not exceed 100 grams, which will allow you to work for a long time without experiencing discomfort. The fastening tape is wide, elastic and dense, adjustable according to the size of the head. Doesn’t slip or squeeze. Perfect for a helmet.

The optical system of the flashlight consists of 6 diodes, has 4 lighting modes. There is a red light that plays an important role, it is useful when working at close range, when reading a map or changing the bicycle camera. With such a light, a person retains the ability to see in the dark, you will not blind your comrades. Red light is good for night walks. In addition, this light does not attract mosquitoes and midges.

The angle of inclination of the lantern is 90 degrees, the luminous flux is bright, wide. It can shine both as a spot and flood light with a power of 10,000 lm. Lighting range 100 meters.

The flashlight has touch control, it is enough to hold your hand in front of the diode, as it lights up. It is very convenient if you, for example, are repairing a car in a garage, or fishing, or riding a bicycle. The motion sensor is also very easy to turn on, by pressing one button, it is activated within 1-3 seconds.

The capacity of the built-in battery, charged via a USB adapter (included in the kit), is enough to maintain the glow for 5–7 hours. The charge level can be monitored using the charge indicator.

The lantern has a bike mount and a powerful magnet. With the help of a magnet, the lantern is securely attached to a metal surface and can be used in a tent, in a cellar or as a camping lantern for outdoor recreation.

Choose a headlamp from the Fairy Light brand for hunting, fishing, cycling! Such a lantern is a great birthday present for a man, friend, husband, dad, brother, boyfriend.



several modes;

holding on tight;


bike mount;


touch control;

charge remaining indicator;

IPX6 protection;

Motion Sensor;

there is a red light.


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Customer Feedback:


An excellent thing in the household, you can see the quality, it is very convenient for me that there is a magnet. I use it in the pantry or basement, it shines brightly, instead of a light bulb or lamp. It shone for almost 5 hours after purchase, it shows the charge level, it also charged quickly


It came quickly, the packaging is not broken, compact, light, convenient and easy to mount on the bike, the sensor works perfectly. Worth your money, a great option for fishermen, hunters and just on the road, on vacation


The flashlight is small and very handy. We took the dog for a walk, passed the test in the rain, it shines very far 50 meters exactly


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