How to change interior design in 15 minutes? Easily!


Starting repairs is an expensive, long, and sometimes endless process … Sometimes you really want to update old furniture or change a boring style in a bedroom, or simply transform your home! In this matter, interior stickers will be an excellent solution! This is an easy and inexpensive way to update your interior design without spending too much.

With simple and light hand movements, you can transform the space of a room by adding flowers to a boring wall, and the mood of the room will immediately become joyful in spring. A quote sticker will emphasize the original style of the owners and give individuality to the space. Favorite poems, mottos, will always be in sight. If a theme party, New Year or any holiday is planned, then stickers are an ideal option to give a festive mood to the interior.

With the help of stickers, you can highlight the area, beat the workplace with inspiring phrases, or decorate the place of sleep, creating a romantic atmosphere. And how many options for transforming a child’s room! These are fairy-tale characters, colorful animals, and stickers — height meters, and stars on the ceiling. And for inspiration to study — a world map, multiplication tables and a colorful alphabet.

There are no mandatory rules on where to stick stickers, the flight of fancy is unlimited! They can close any defects in walls or furniture: scratches, small cracks, chipped paint or children’s drawings on the wallpaper. A wide range of stickers allows you to experiment with design, transform every room, whether it’s a romantic bedroom, a magical nursery or a bright living room.

Despite the fact that the gluing process is very simple, you still need to know some of the nuances. Vinyl stickers can be applied to all types of wallpaper, plastic, furniture, wood, metal, glass, painted surfaces. Before gluing on painted walls and paper wallpapers, you need to test the surface with a small piece of film. And to make it easier to remove the sticker from the wall — warm it up with a hair dryer. Stickers may not adhere to textured surfaces. Interior stickers are practical, easy to clean and perfectly shade the walls, giving the room a special mood, a unique style. In addition, if desired, they are easy to remove and re-glue. No additional tools or special skills are required, one person can stick it without outside help. Of course, you need to clean and mark the place for gluing. If the sticker consists of several elements, then you can temporarily attach the details with masking tape to decide on the pattern, fantasize about the plot.

The main advantages of vinyl stickers are cost-effectiveness, speed of sticking and a wide range. The variety in the choice of stickers allows you to make the interior creative and unique, emphasizing your own style. Vinyl stickers, such as those from Verol, are easy to find in stores or order from Ozone. These stickers have quite good quality and a large selection for different styles. You can choose something bright, accentuating, or, conversely, plain, complementing the image, harmonizing the space.

If you are tired of this decor, then you can easily remove and stick something new. Also, interior stickers are ideal for rented housing, when it is impossible to make significant repair changes, but you want comfort, beauty and creative self-expression.

With their relatively low price, decorative stickers have an undeniable number of advantages: great appearance, ease and speed of application, great variety, easy replacement and, most importantly, room for creativity!


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