It’s like magic, it was very difficult for us to take it seriously, but it’s a reality, we’ve seen it from our own experience, now it’s your turn! In the late 90s, an American university professor conducted a study on Love, the purpose of the experiment was to understand how people fall in love with each other. Mystery of Love has been revealed! Strangers or just friends asked each other questions, going through certain stages, in stages, people fell in love with each other, some spent the night together and no longer remembered each other, while others created happy families and have been married for over 20 years! We were inspired by this experiment and decided to repeat it, we packed all the knowledge gained into the game, adding a little peppercorn, and invite you to participate! The set includes: a branded box, an A4 playing field, 60 cards, a contract, a pencil. ARTICLE : 70467291

Add variety to your sexual life by making a gift to your boyfriend, husband, beloved! A special gift that excites and causes an incredibly strong desire. It combines boundless anticipation and vivid emotions from the process itself. Blowjob certificates are an open expression of your feelings, sexual desires and a great alternative to traditional postcards. Your man will definitely be delighted with such a gift, even if he already has everything. Certificates for oral caresses are a great opportunity to try something that you have not dared to do for a long time, or to make your intimate life more sensual and passionate. The one to whom the certificates will be presented can use them within a year from the date of delivery, and the donor undertakes to fulfill the promise at any time and at the first request, already excites, isn’t it?) A set of gift certificates for oral caresses. 7 certificates + Gift envelope with ribbon. ARTICLE : 68197547

Anonymity 100%! Love ls — products for adults, for couples, for lovers of new sensations and emotions!

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