How not to miscalculate with the choice of kitchen utensils? Whipping bowl overview LEFFA

100% true — every person is always looking for ways to optimize life, and experienced housewives are looking for multifunctional dishes for any occasion in the kitchen and often share their finds with each other. Such a discovery was a bowl for a blender from the LEFFA store, a brand that sells household goods such as: folding chairs, containers for storing food and things, bowls and containers made of polymers, garden buckets, baskets for linen and waste, trays for animals, organizers for shoes, dish dryers, bathing seats, bread bins and cake racks.

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Imagine cooking with kids — it’s always exciting, right? After all, then it takes a lot of time to remove splashes or even fragments! However, after crash-testing the whisking bowl, which is made of impact-resistant and environmentally friendly plastic, you can not even worry about it and entrust the process to a mini-chef. A huge plus of this material is that it significantly increases the service life of the measuring cup. In addition, the bowl is equipped with a whisk lid, which will save the kitchen counter from sticky stains after possible splashing.

The bowl for the LEFFA blender is made of completely transparent plastic, this will facilitate the cooking process and allow you to control the mixing, bringing the products to the desired consistency. The height of the mug with a lid is 17 cm, without — 15 cm, diameter — 17 cm, a fairly capacious container, it will help out while preparing for large feasts, when you need a lot of everything, tasty, but more! It can also be used as the right gift for housewives.

According to observations: very often in the process of long-term use of plastic dishes, the question arises: why does it become saturated with the smell of food and do you have to buy new dishes? Let’s figure it out together! It’s simple — most manufacturers save on raw materials, there are more and more small manufacturers on the market, whose goods are plastic, of poor quality, absorbing odor and exuding odor. What makes this mixer bowl different from the rest is that it is made of high quality polypropylene, which will save you from this problem.

The kitchen cup is presented in four colors, which makes it possible to choose a design to match the color of the kitchen.

Let’s finally talk about the versatility of a measuring plastic cup! The range of use is so wide that it seems to me that in the next couple of years it will be possible to forget about buying new dishes, unexpectedly, right? You will definitely use the beater bowl as a salad bowl or storage container in the freezer and refrigerator. You will be happy to heat up your products in the microwave oven without fear that the jar will melt. Also, the vessel is suitable for a separate measurement of liquid products, if you do not have a kitchen scale, because. it has two scales.

Happy using!

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