Headphones earbuds or vacuum. Which ones to use?


Headphones earbuds or vacuum. Which ones to use?

In-ear or vacuum headphones? Should I buy wired or wireless headphones? When buying headphones, many people have a question. Let’s figure out all the intricacies of which headphones to choose. Pros and cons of choosing one over the other.

In-ear headphones. Pros and cons.

Modern in-ear headphones made with ergonomics for the ear. With good noise reduction and improved bass. And there is no unpleasant sensation in the ear shell.

True, it is worth paying attention to the design of the headphones. New samples are made slightly elongated forward. For comfortable wearing and listening to music. These in-ear headphones are suitable for both sports and leisure.

Wired headphones have a built-in microphone and call control buttons. This makes it easy to answer calls. And switch between calls and music. Or just pause the music. In this case, there is no need to get a smartphone, unlock and answer a call.

Wired in-ear headphones with a microphone have one drawback. These are poorly made connections between the cable and the speakers. Don’t pull on the cable. This may damage the speakers.

Wireless or wired?

Yes, modern wireless technology has reached the headphones. But wireless headphones have significant disadvantages. Firstly, they are simply often lost because of their diminutiveness.

And most importantly, wireless headphones need to be constantly charged. And in the event of a breakdown or drawdown of the batteries, they cannot be replaced. And you have to buy new ones. And they are very expensive. Therefore I advise wired headphones.

Wireless headphones have their own case. For storage and recharging. Moreover, the headphones in the case must be inserted correctly. And the case needs to be recharged from the network constantly. This wireless headphone case is a must-have at all times. What is not convenient when jogging. Both the case and the earphones constantly fly out and get lost.

With wireless headphones, it is difficult to manage calls and music. The control buttons are in the ear. And the buttons are hard to press. They are in the ear. And you need to first find the button, and then press it correctly.

Headphones wired earbuds or vacuum?

When vacuum headphones first appeared, there was a sensation. They do not need to be properly inserted into the ears. They just suck into the sink. They are convenient and comfortable to use. Vacuum headphones sit tightly in the ear and do not fly out.

But vacuum headphones also have significant disadvantages. It became clear over time. That vacuum headphones spoil hearing. And when using these headphones, you can’t hear others at all. Even if the music is off! Of course, the noise reduction function is in all headphones. But wired earbuds do not jam a person. And you can hear the interlocutor.

Therefore, according to experts and doctors, wired in-ear headphones are the best choice for everyday use. They do not affect hearing in any way. Made with ergonomics for the human ear. In modern headphones, all connections are made very high quality. That’s why in-ear headphones more durable in use.


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