Basic blouse «under the jacket», what should it be?!


What does a versatile blouse look like from a modern basic wardrobe?!

First and most importantly, it definitely should not be decorated with many decorative elements.

Second, but no less important, it should sit freely on the figure, and not fit it.

It is best to choose a basic blouse in the context of the upper wardrobe (under a jacket, cardigan, jacket, etc.)

For example, a blouse with a draped neck is the best match with a jacket.

Such a rather simple, but original solution can be found in the collections of the Russian brand EVA BERTEN.

Solid color is more suitable for business everyday life.

A floral print or polka dot goes well with a plain jacket.

Experiment with skirts and trousers, with bermudas and shorts, with jackets and even with a light coat.


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