A snow-white smile and well-groomed teeth are the result of high-quality dental services and even more — thorough daily home care. But for a perfect smile, brushing with an ordinary toothbrush is not enough, and modern technologies come to the rescue: electric toothbrushes and irrigators.

Why is B.Well electric toothbrush better than a regular toothbrush?

— The efficiency of the B.Well electric toothbrush is an order of magnitude higher than that of a conventional toothbrush. By hand, you make about 500 brushing strokes per minute, and the B.Well PRO-810 toothbrush does 6000.

— B.Well brush movements are always correct. Not all people follow the correct technique, our movements are often mechanical, and because of this, manual toothbrushing can be either ineffective or destructive to enamel.

The B.Well toothbrush has a rotary principle of operation — the head rotates quickly back and forth. This technology repeats the principle of manual cleaning, but the brush does not make mistakes.

— The time of brushing your teeth is also important and also rarely observed. B.Well electric toothbrushes have a 2-minute timer, which is the time recommended by dentists.

— B.Well electric toothbrushes are better at cleaning hard-to-reach places. Eights are not easy to clean by hand, so most often they are not cleaned. The B.Well electric toothbrush solves this problem too – the small round head covers the tooth from all sides, and the circular movement of the cleaning head does not cause discomfort.

— The bristles of the brushes are produced by the world giant DuPont and have a special cut without sharp edges, so the brushes clean well, but delicately, and do not hurt the gums.

— The rubberized body of the B.Well brush is comfortable to hold in your hand.

Toothbrush B.Well PRO-810 — basic and affordable

Basic model of an electric toothbrush; it is enough for complete care.

The number of rotations of the PRO-810 toothbrush is 6000 per minute. To control the time there is a timer for 2 minutes. Power is supplied from batteries.

The head of the brush is replaceable, with high-quality DuPont bristles and a reliable attachment system.

The B.Well PRO-810 electric toothbrush is about 10 times more efficient than a conventional toothbrush.

B.Well MED-820 toothbrush – advanced and comfortable

This model not only cares for the teeth, it provides its owner with special comfort. MED-820 brushes have three modes of operation and high efficiency: in Normal mode, the brush makes 8500 strokes per minute! The multi-mode option is suitable for those who need maximum cleaning performance, and for those who have increased tooth sensitivity.

Power is supplied from the built-in battery — this is a big plus. With the MED-820, there will be no situation where you forget to buy batteries for a week, so you use an electric toothbrush as usual.

The B.Well MED-820 also has a timer to help you keep the right brushing time and two interchangeable DuPont bristle brush heads.

Be healthy and meet the world with a perfect smile!

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